Sample Screenplay Profile Screenwriting Fundamentals (THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY AN "A" PAPER. IT IS ONLY A SAMPLE) BLACKOUT: Screenplay Outline 1. BACKSTORY: David and Diane are a couple that have recently broken up. 2. MAIN & SUPPORTING CHARACTERS: Protagonist: Chelsea Antagonist: Diane Chelsea's best friend: Kelsey 3. GENRE/TONE: Horror/slasher 4. HOOK: Kelsey is killed at Chelsea's holiday bash party. 5. ORDINARY WORLD -- What is valued? What does Chelsea value? David 6. FEAR & FLAW SHOWING WHAT IS VALUED: Chelsea is upset when Kelsey tells david she likes him. 7. ESTABLISH TIME LOCK, THEME NEED: When a killer is on the loose, Chelsea needs to find out who it is to keep her friends from being murdered. 8. ABOUT PAGE 4—DO WE KNOW WHAT THE MOVIE IS ABOUT YET? We know that David is interested in Chelsea. 9. ABOUT PAGE 10—CATALYST OR INCITING EVENT creates the first ripple of unrest in Protagonist's world. Page 7 - Kelsey is murdered. 10. ABOUT PAGE 17— MINI-CRISIS, SET UP. 12 Grace is murdered** wait 14 Diane has confrontation with Chelsea.** wait 16 car swerves toward Chelsea to kill her.** wait 11. ABOUT PAGE 30—FIRST ACT BREAK. (TURNING POINT 1) Maybe this is when David figures out it's Diane. ACTION TAKEN ON MAIN GOAL/PLAN: . What happens if goal is not attained? What's at STAKE? David's ex-girlfriends' lives. 12. NEW WORLD - NEW RULES: No cell phones, no subway, no electricity. 13. FORMATION OF TEAMS: Protagonist's team: Antagonist's team: Diane. 14.) DEVELOPMENT OF SUBPLOTS 15.) LOVE STORY: David and Chelsea kiss page 40/45 16. TEST OF PROTAGONIST, WHICH HE FAILS. VERIFICATION OF WORST FEAR. Before they can stop Diane, someone else dies. 17. ABOUT PAGE 50. ANTAGONIST IN CONTROL OF PROTAGONIST. Sequence to Mid-point: Protagonist creates and executes a plan to shift power. Jimmy sends out his team to look for Annie checking all the places she knows. 18. MID-POINT: Superficial resolution. Annie’s friend Liz takes her to her house. Liz’s mom calls Jimmy’s cell phone. Maile helps Jimmy by getting her chauffer to take him there. 19. WITHIN MID-POINT scene or scene immediately following, antagonist defeats protagonist. Must face greatest fear and flaw-and lose again. With each loss now, more determination. No going back. RAISED STAKES. 20. BIG PIT: The very thing that the Pro fears the most occurs. And it's bad. 21. JUST WHEN IT CAN’T GET WORSE, IT DOES! 22. EPIPHANY: (SECOND TURNING POINT) CROSSROADS/CHOICES: NEW GOAL/NEW PLAN: STAKES INTENSIFY: TICKING CLOCK: BOOM. BIG CLIMAX: SHOWDOWN: FLAW/FEAR OVERCOME: TRUTH EMERGES: 23. RESOLUTION: 24. END PLACE:
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