Your "About Me" post can be about where you're from, where you work or go to school, your relationship to the art, business and overall phenomenon of film and television, your artistic and personal influences, your favorite films or television programs, what brought you to the class and what you hope to get from it. ABOUT ME I grew up in Orange County and spent nine years in Nashville. I've been back in L.A. for over a year now, where I work in music publishing and am involved in a film group. I am a writer and am going to direct my short film in the late summer. My personal influences are Alfred Hitchcock, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Woody Allen, David Lynch, and Charlie Kaufman. My favorite films include "Bonnie & Clyde" and "Rouge" from the Trois Couleurs series. I am just now getting into the television series "Twin Peaks". When I was younger, I wanted to major in screenwriting at USC. That didn't happen, but I have always wanted to take a course to set me straight. I have heard great things about UCLA and want to take the course to sharpen my skills. I have already learned so much from the required reading.
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