Laura Burns change to Angela Renee Fortner change to Jenny Maida Gregory Helen Giovanni Priscilla Sanders Mr. Craig Simmons Mrs. Burns SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE LAURA RENEE JENNINGS My name's Laura Renee Jennings. Renee looks at her. LAURA RENEE JENNINGS What's your deal? RENEE Oh nothing. My name's Renee too. LAURA RENEE JENNINGS Whoop-de-doo! Am I supposed to congratulate you? (to clerk) Now where's my check? EXT. STREET Renee is walking home. She notices a missing child poster for "Lucy Palmer" with all the necessary stats. It says "missing since" and the date is torn off. She begins to walk home when a young stranger calls her from a distance. GREGORY Laura! She turns around and keeps walking. GREGORY Laura. Laura Burns! Since he is gaining distance, she walks faster. GREGORY Laura, is that you? I need to talk to you. She keeps running faster and faster until she reaches her garage and hides so he can't find her. When he is safely gone, she runs into her apartment. She dials a number on the telephone. She is out of breath and upset. RENEE Hello. Helen? HELEN Renee, what's the matter? Renee starts to cry. RENEE There was this strange man chasing me. HELEN Are you alright? RENEE Yes, I'm inside now. But he, he was following me. And he... HELEN Did he hurt you? RENEE No, but I'm scared. HELEN I'll be right over. INT. HELEN'S APT. -- MOMENT'S LATER HELEN What did he look like? RENEE Oh I don't know. I only caught a glimpse of him. His hair was short. Sandy blond. He was of medium height. No glasses. A long overcoat. He called me a name. It was, it was Laura. Laura Burns. HELEN And? RENEE And I was scared. He started chasing me. Why would you chase someone like that? He said he wanted to talk to me. It was obviously a mistake. Or maybe he was trying to attack me. HELEN We need to file a police report against this guy. RENEE No, maybe it's an isolated incident. The police won't do anything anyway. HELEN I have an idea. Let's look up Laura Burns on the computer. Maybe it's just someone who looks similar to you. RENEE Okay. Helen and Renee look on the computer and find a profile of a girl whose name is Laura Burns and looks exactly like Renee. HELEN It's you. Unless you have a twin sister you haven't told me about. RENEE No, I don't have a sister. HELEN Or a twin sister your mother never told you about. It says on Laura's profile that she is from Mason Park, California. RENEE Mason Park, California. Where's that? HELEN Oh, gosh. It has to be eighty miles from here. It's a really small town by the mountains. I only noticed it, because when I was about ten we drove past the city. I thought it said "Manson Park". And it stuck in my mind. RENEE I wonder if I should go there to see this Laura Burns girl. HELEN I think it would be fun. RENEE I think I'd be freaked out if I had a "twin". What if everyone thinks I'm this Laura Burns girl? And she belongs to an insane asylum and I get locked up and can never escape. HELEN We can go together. Nothing like that will happen. RENEE Can you stay here tonight? I'm still scared. HELEN Okay. EXT. STREET Gregory is on his cell phone. GREGORY Maida. I know this sounds crazy, but I thought I saw Laura today. MAIDA Laura? Gregory, I don't have time for jokes. GREGORY No, Maida, listen. I saw her and called to her. She ran away like she was afraid of me. Like she didn't know me. MAIDA Maybe it wasn't her. GREGORY Listen, it was her. The same blonde hair. The same eyes. MAIDA Did you call the police? GREGORY No, but I saw where she lives. I only have two more days in L.A. I thought maybe if you came down here, you could help me talk to her and see if it's really her or not. Then we can tell her mother once it's confirmed. MAIDA I can't go. I can't take any more time off work or they said they'd fire me. Can you get a picture of her? What's her name? GREGORY I don't know. She seems scared of me though. I'd tell her mother, but Mrs. Burns is kind of disturbed. I don't want to upset her. MAIDA That's good thinking. Listen, we'll talk when you get back. Maybe I can go down to L.A. next weekend. In the meantime, wait it out. GREGORY I sure hope it's her. EXT. RENEE'S APT. -- NEXT MORNING Renee and Helen's car pulls out of the driveway. Helen has a map. RENEE I appreciate you doing this. HELEN Okay, just go north on the 101 until you reach Highway D. RENEE I've never seen Highway D before. HELEN Maybe you've never gone that far north before. Renee looks at Helen. HELEN Okay, I know you used to live in New York. I mean, this far north in California. Hey, wait a minute. Why don't you have a Brooklyn accent? I've been wondering that. RENEE My grandmother raised me so I don't have an accent. She's from California, but raised me in New York. That's why I came out to L.A. after her death a year ago. I heard her talk about it all the time and I began to dream about going here. After she died, I had no more obligations in New York. So I cam here. *** Helen and Renee switch places at the gas station. EXT. MASON PARK HELEN We're here. Renee has a blank look on her face. HELEN Renee, we're here. Renee turns around startled. RENEE Who are you? HELEN Renee, it's me, Helen. RENEE I don't know you. My name's not Renee. HELEN (concerned) What is it then? RENEE Laura. Helen laughs. HELEN Laura Burns? RENEE Yes, how did you know? HELEN You can end the joke now. RENEE What joke? Who are you? Where are you taking me? How do you know who I am? HELEN Well, I'm confused. If you're Laura, I read your profile online. RENEE Yes? HELEN And it said you were from Mason Park. RENEE And so you came here to stalk me? How did you force me in your car? HELEN No one forced you. We drove up here from L.A. Your name is Renee Fortner. Listen, cut this out Renee. You're scaring me. RENEE Leave me alone. I don't ever want to see you again or I'll call the police! HELEN What should I do with your car? RENEE That's not my car. HELEN Check the registration. Helen hands her the registration and it says "Renee Fortner". RENEE Get away from me. Take this car. For all I know, you're Renee. Helen hands her a card. HELEN Here's my card in case you need to call me, Laura. I'd love to help you if I can. Do you know where you're going? RENEE Of course I know where I'm going. I live here. I'm headed home to check on my mother. She's not well. Renee starts walking through the town and doesn't notice people whispering. CRAIG SIMMONS, a middle-aged man walks up to her. CRAIG Laura! It's a miracle. RENEE What is it, Mr. Simmons? CRAIG You! You're back. RENEE How long have I been gone? CRAIG A year. Why, Mrs. Simmons and I were just at your candlelight service last week to observe the one year anniversary of your disappearance. RENEE Where did I go? CRAIG I don't know, Laura. You tell me. I'll get Sheriff Lang to make sure you're alright. RENEE No, don't. I've got to check on Mama. CRAIG Do you want me to go with you? Everyone will be so excited when they see you're back. RENEE I guess. CRAIG We thought you had been kidnapped or lost in the forest or... RENEE Kidnapped? I'd never let anyone kidnap me. Renee and Craig approach the Burns house. RENEE I don't know where my keys are. Renee takes out her keys. RENEE These certainly aren't my keys. Renee tries them, but the keys don't work. Craig knocks on the door. MRS. BURNS appears at the front door, shocked. MRS. BURNS Oh Laura! RENEE Mama, how are you? MRS. BURNS How am I? Oh! She cries tears of joy. MRS. BURNS Besides the day you were born, this is the happiest moment of my life. We thought you were never coming back. RENEE I just hope I never have to go away again. MRS. BURNS Don't say that! I'll make sure that never happens. What happened to my baby? RENEE I don't know. I came here with a woman today. I think she was my friend, but I'm confused. She called me by a different name. MR. SIMMONS Maybe she knows what happened to you? RENEE It's doubtful. I don't know if she knows anything. I have her card. Renee pulls Helen Giovanni's card out. MRS. BURNS Let's worry about that later, Laura. All I care about is that you're home safely. MR. SIMMONS I'll be taking off now, but call me if you Burns girls need anything. MRS. BURNS Will do. Thank you for bringing her back, Mr. Simmons. MR. SIMMONS See you around Mrs. Burns. Mr. Simmons leaves. RENEE Have you talked to Maida? MRS. BURNS Not lately, but give her a call. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you. Why don't you go up to your room and rest first. You look tired. RENEE Alright. Renee falls asleep. Dream sequence? Renee is leaning over a bridge. Suddenly she is looking at a huge fish tank. She is on a couch, looking upside down when she sees Gregory's face and awakes abruptly. He calls out to her: "Renee". Mrs. Burns is right next to her. MRS. BURNS Laura? Honey, Maida's on the phone. Renee answers the phone in her room. MAIDA Laura? RENEE Yes? MAIDA When did you get back? Gregory said he saw you. RENEE Gregory? I haven't seen him. MAIDA You haven't? Strange. He said he saw you in L.A. yesterday afternoon. Then you arrived home and I thought he might have something to do with it. RENEE I'd like to see him. Is he over at your place? MAIDA No, he won't be back until tomorrow. Business I guess. You didn't know this, but when you were gone he got a great job and has to travel all the time. RENEE That's great. Can I come over? MAIDA Sure, now? I'd love to see you. I'll tell you everything Gregory said. INT. MAIDA'S HOUSE MAIDA And he said I should come down to L.A., but of course I couldn't get work off. I have to be there at five o'clock this evening so there's not much time. RENEE You still working at Casey's? MAIDA Yeah, why? RENEE Well, remember when we used to dream about doing something with our lives? MAIDA Yeah, but what can we do? Besides, I was tied up for the last year organizing your search. RENEE My search? MAIDA Yes, the search to find you. That was important enough to me. We had flyers. You were on milk cartons. I even have a few that I saved. You were in the newspaper, although we couldn't get the story to go statewide or national. It seems too many people disappear each year and your case didn't garner the attention. Even though I worked my ass off. RENEE Well, I appreciate it. MAIDA So what happened to you? RENEE I don't know. I don't remember anything. MAIDA Like amnesia? RENEE No. Amnesia is when you forget details. I remember this town. I remember meeting Mr. Simmons when I got back. I just don't remember what happened in between. MAIDA You mean you have short-term memory loss? RENEE I don't know what I have. I just don't remember this past year. But I know who might. MAIDA Who? RENEE This girl. Helen Giovanni. She gave me her business card. She drove me here. She was calling me Renee, like that was my name. She might know something about me. MAIDA Did she drive you from L.A.? That's where Gregory said he saw you. RENEE Gregory. You always had a crush on him. MAIDA No, I didn't. He was your boyfriend. RENEE I figured if I was gone, he'd make a move on you. MAIDA No! You know I don't like him. He loves you and no one else. RENEE Are you sure he still loves me? Hasn't he forgotten me? MAIDA Are you kidding me? No one here in Mason Park has forgotten you. You're like our patron saint. Your mom said there was hope as long as there was no body. The sheriff gave up after nine months saying it was hopeless, but all of us kept hoping. RENEE Maida, could I stay over here tonight? I feel weird being back with my mother alone. MAIDA Of course. RENEE And maybe you can help me bring some of my stuff from home. My mom acted all weird when she saw me. Mr. Simmons acted weird too. MAIDA You saw Mr. Simmons? RENEE Yeah. MAIDA You better get used to being the center of attention. I know you're shy but everyone will want to see you. Get this, after you disappeared, Priscilla Sanders claimed how much she missed you and even joined a search party to find you for three weeks. RENEE Priscilla? She hated me! MAIDA Yeah, well, I don't know if she did that to make herself look good or what. She acted like she was your best friend. RENEE She WAS my best friend. In third grade. I forget what she did. I remember, actually. It was over something stupid. The Easter Exchange. I gave her candy, but she wouldn't give me any of hers in return. See, it was stupid. MAIDA We were so mean to her in high school. RENEE I called her Fat Face behind her back. You're right, we were mean. Why did she help? MAIDA I don't know. RENEE Those were good times in third grade.
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