END OF THE WORLD step-outline by Allison McCulloch 50-80 scenes I have 37, so at least 13 more needed INT BEDROOM DAY BRANDI (early thirties) and her boyfriend (thirties) are having an affair in a glamorous bedroom. First a movie camera becomes visible. Then it turns out they are really on a movie set. There is a break for lunch and the actors go their separate ways. EXT FILM LOT DAY An interviewer questions Brandi as she signs autographs for her fans. EXT EXPENSIVE RESTAURANT DAY Brandi is meeting with MEKEL DURRAND (mid-forties), a prominent director. She gives the waiter a hard time with her diva behavior. The director tries to convince Brandi to appear in his film, but Brandi wants too much money, plus a role for her boyfriend. INT FILM SCHOOL DAY CONRAD and PAUL (both 21) argue about who is the greatest director. Paul names a bunch of art-house directors and Conrad names Mekel Durrand, one of the greatest commercially successful directors. INT FILM SCHOOL DAY ANGIE WINTERS (21) asks Conrad to be the editor for her film and he agrees. Paul is interested in Angie and tries to talk to her, but she won't give him the time of day. INT COZY RESTAURANT EVENING Brandi and her boyfriend are having dinner. He proposes and he wants to meet her parents. Brandi is overjoyed. INT FILM SCHOOL DAY Conrad presents his idea for his final film project and is applauded. Paul presents his idea and is ridiculed for being artsy and non-cinematic. Paul approaches Angie to star in his student film again, but she snubs him. INT KODAK THEATER NIGHT A clip from Brandi’s movie is shown and she is announced the winner of the Best Actress award. All the attention is on her and she makes a grandiose speech. INT BAR NIGHT Paul sees Angie at a local bar. She tries to ignore him. Angie is meeting her friends for a movie. Paul offers to walk with her across the street to the theater, so she'll be safe. Angie reluctantly agrees to have Paul accompany her, but warns him that she's now seeing Conrad and once again confirms that she has no interest in him. INT STREET NIGHT The earthquake starts when Angie and Paul are walking on Highland. The shaking is so violent that Angie loses her balance and falls. She is hurt and cannot get up. Paul carries her to the door of a big building. He fidgets with the door until it opens. He carries her down the stairs to a secure basement. INT KODAK THEATER NIGHT Brandi is backstage near an exit door when the quake starts. She goes to a doorway for protection and is violently jarred and thrown outside the door. INT STREET NIGHT She goes across the street where an open door leads down a stairwell. The director, Mekel Durrand, chases after her urging her to be careful . They both go down the stairway to avoid danger. INT BASEMENT NIGHT Mekel finds a first-aid kit to disinfect Angie's scrape from her earlier fall. INT BASEMENT NIGHT Mekel's immediate family is in Israel, so he is not worried about their safety. He has several other people he fears for, including his sister and her child. Brandi wonders if her boyfriend is okay. Mekel reveals that the balcony in the Kodak Theater collapsed. Brandi goes insane as she realizes her boyfriend was seated in the balcony. INT BASEMENT NIGHT It becomes apparent that all four will be trapped together for awhile, as the building has collapsed and the stairway is now blocked. INT BASEMENT NIGHT Mekel finds a radio. Luckily it works and they are able to receive information from the outside world. The death count is two thousand and rising. An estimated thirty thousand people will be without food and shelter. Another estimated six thousand will be trapped, from what has collapsed on and trapped them. INT BASEMENT NIGHT Mekel and Paul discuss film. Brandi has no clue what they are talking about, and Mekel rebukes Paul for his obscure tastes. INT BASEMENT NIGHT As the night continues, Paul pulls out his video iPod for everyone to watch the movie "Persona". Brandi is struck by a scene where the nurse claims that her actress/patient is very strong mentally. As Brandi is overconfident in her own abilities and also narcissistic, she begins to think that she must have extreme mental capabilities too. INT BASEMENT NIGHT Brandi starts to tease Paul about his crush on Angie. Then she gets an idea to pretend she’s in love with Paul to make Angie jealous. Paul is annoyed, because Brandi stands for everything he despises. He proceeds to make fun of her. INT BASEMENT NIGHT Brandi exposes her need to belong and rebukes Paul for making fun of her. She compares Paul's treatment of her, to Angie's treatment of Paul. INT BASEMENT NIGHT A feeling of hopelessness overwhelms, as it is apparent no one is coming to rescue them. INT BASEMENT NIGHT Angie hits on Mekel, as she thinks getting involved with a director will help get her career started. Brandi reveals to Angie that one of the worst things that happened was getting involved with a Hollywood star to help further her career. Brandi's plan worked, but her heart got broken in the process. Furthermore, Brandi questions Angie's ability to act or make films. This causes contention between Brandi and Angie. INT BASEMENT NIGHT Paul's eyes are opened as he sees that Angie is not in love with him and what extreme measures she'd go to so she can get famous. INT BASEMENT NIGHT Paul falls for Brandi, because they are more alike than he previously thought. He is sorry for the way he previously treated her. INT KODAK THEATER NIGHT A clip is shown of JUSTINE LOPRESTI (20s), an actress in a period piece. She is a thick-lipped brunette in her with an outrageous pile of hair on her head. It turns out that Brandi is daydreaming about winning the Academy Award, and the award really goes to Justine LoPresti, in the biggest surprise win ever. Brandi is extremely outraged, because she and everyone else knew she was supposed to win. INT KODAK THEATER NIGHT Brandi’s boyfriend dumps her and several stars avoid her. INT BRANDI’S HOUSE MORNING Brandi calls Mekel Durrand only to find out that he is not interested in casting her anymore. He has selected Justine LoPresti instead. INT BRANDI’S HOUSE MORNING Brandi calls Justine LoPresti to falsely congratulate her. They set up a lunch meeting. INT ANGIE’S BOYFRIEND’S HOUSE DAY Angie's world comes crashing down when she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her. She reluctantly calls Paul and feels bad about the way she has treated him in the past. INT PROP STORAGE HOUSE DAY A guard discovers Brandi in the prop room. He asks her to leave, but then discovers who she is. She says she needs a real looking gun. The guard gives her a real gun, and says to be careful, but that there aren’t any bullets in there. INT PAUL’S APT. DAY Paul gets a call saying he has gotten an internship with Mekel Durrand for the next semester. He takes it after learning that Mekel is planning to work with Justine LoPresti instead of Brandi Mer. INT RESTAURANT DAY When Angie hears of Paul’s internship, she is surprised that he is going to be working with Mekel Durrand, because she thought he was against commercialism. She is wrong and it ends up that they have a lot in common. INT RESTAURANT DAY Brandi overhears two women commenting on how badly she lost at the Academy Awards. Brandi creates a scene and she is almost thrown out. Paul and Angie notice her. Angie is embarrassed that she used to like Brandi as an actress. INT RESTAURANT DAY Paul shakes the table and Angie thinks that it is an earthquake at first. Angie and Paul discuss what would happen if an extreme disaster hit L.A., since it is a town filled with superficial people who only care about themselves. People are used to such extravagance, but what if they had to struggle to get food and water? INT RESTAURANT DAY Justine arrives and Brandi is obviously nervous for some reason. Brandi pulls out a gun and kills her, believing that she was the one responsible for ruining her life and career. There is panic at the restaurant and Brandi is arrested. Angie - You never know when it might strike. -Brandi needs to call Justine. -Justine and Brandi have to have a show down at the end. -Brandi needs to have an excuse to get a gun. Stalker? Or a real prop gun and she buys bullets. Like Bette Davis " The Star " Faye Dunaway “Chinatown” Exterminating Angel Possibly Kill Bill, Vol. 2 Parody on Hollywood Connections Actors Earthquake at Academy Awards Father and sister hard to understand best pic. Actress & actor are “friends” Film student The students go over their thesis project. Teacher Conrad Simmons. CONRAD My film will be about a detective, whose girlfriend is the killer. Teacher What is your dream cast? CONRAD Tom Cruise and Brandi Mer. Teacher Paul Kiripolsky. PAUL My film is called “Shadows of Flight.” It’s basically more like a dream or a poem than a movie. It’s about a girl that floats through life with a strange balance between sheer terror and utter enlightenment. Teacher Hmm. Dream cast? Paul Oh, Julia Jentsch. Or Maria Cataldano… Or maybe they could alternate playing the same character. But I’d cast Angie White. ANGIE I won’t be in your film. PAUL He asked for my dream cast. Paul has Persona on his video iPod. Brandi peers over at the part the nurse says the actress must have extreme mental capabilities. INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY INT NEW CAR LOT DAY Print out Helen's profile too. Sample Screenplay Profile END OF THE WORLD: Screenplay Outline 1. BACKSTORY: Gearing up for the Academy Awards, Hollywood is going all out. Including Brandi Mer. 2. MAIN & SUPPORTING CHARACTERS: Protagonist: Brandi Mer, world-famous actress Antagonist: Earthquake (the situation that devastates the L.A. area) Foil: Huge Director: Mekel Durrand Toady/Nemesis/Villain: Mr. Maiers Head of Campus Maintenance Mentor: Charlie 3. GENRE/TONE: Action 4. HOOK: 5. ORDINARY WORLD -- What is valued? 3 instances In Brandi's world, all she cares about is maintaining her status as a star. When the earthquake hits, all anyone cares about is their safety and returning to a world where things return to normal. The indie director cares about making good films and not selling out. 6. FEAR & FLAW SHOWING WHAT IS VALUED: The big director offers the indie director a shot at being his assistant. He doesn't want to "sell out" but agrees to work for him. The director uses the potential job as a way of controlling the indie director. 7. ESTABLISH TIME LOCK, THEME NEED: They need to survive before they run out of supplies.. 8. ABOUT PAGE 4—DO WE KNOW WHAT THE MOVIE IS ABOUT YET? We know that Brandi Mer is a spoiled actress and that the director wants her for his film, but she wants too much money. 9. ABOUT PAGE 10—CATALYST OR INCITING EVENT creates the first ripple of unrest in Protagonist's world. 10. ABOUT PAGE 17— MINI-CRISIS, SET UP. 11. ABOUT PAGE 30—FIRST ACT BREAK. (TURNING POINT 1) ACTION TAKEN ON MAIN GOAL/PLAN: The L.A. earthquake happens. What happens if goal is not attained? What's at STAKE? Thousands of L.A. people have lost their lives. They will also die if they aren't rescued. 12. NEW WORLD - NEW RULES: No electricity, no studio setting, no boyfriend (for Brandi). Brandi also can't get her way and she is an equal with everyone. 13. FORMATION OF TEAMS: Protagonist's team: Jimmy, Eric, Maile, Maile’s assistant, Charlie Antagonist's team: Annie, the boys who taunt Annie, everyone who takes her farther away from Jimmy by guiding her home. 14.) DEVELOPMENT OF SUBPLOTS 15.) LOVE STORY: Protagonist and love interest should have kissed, literally or figuratively, by about page 40/45 Maybe Angie Winters promises director... 16. TEST OF PROTAGONIST, WHICH HE FAILS. VERIFICATION OF WORST FEAR. They try to escape, but something blocks them in. 17. ABOUT PAGE 50. ANTAGONIST IN CONTROL OF PROTAGONIST. Sequence to Mid-point: Protagonist creates and executes a plan to shift power. The huge director promises the indie director a job if he follows his directions, but the director becomes overbearing. 18. MID-POINT: Superficial resolution. They believe they are going to be rescued. 19. WITHIN MID-POINT scene or scene immediately following, antagonist defeats protagonist. With each loss now, more determination. RAISED STAKES. 20. BIG PIT: The very thing that the Pro fears the most occurs. Someone gets sick or has an attack. 21. JUST WHEN IT CAN’T GET WORSE, IT DOES! All hope is lost when they temporarily loose contact with the outside world. 22. EPIPHANY: Indie director remembers the scene when Uma Thurman punches through the coffin in Kill Bill two. (SECOND TURNING POINT) CROSSROADS/CHOICES: They are running out of supplies. NEW GOAL/NEW PLAN: STAKES INTENSIFY: TICKING CLOCK: BOOM. BIG CLIMAX: SHOWDOWN: FLAW/FEAR OVERCOME: Brandi is worried about her boyfriend. TRUTH EMERGES: 23. RESOLUTION: 24. END PLACE: End of the World Treatment Parody of Crash & Hollywood Brandi Mer – Anita Ekberg/Jennifer Coolidge type Angie Winters – Black haired actress/director/student Paul Kiripolsky - Indie director – doesn’t like Brandi Mer Conrad Simms - Pop director who wants to use Brandi Mer one day Orren Tyson – boyfriend – is actor Brandi is in love with Mekel Durrand – famous director - wants Brandi for his project. She wants $5 mil. He can offer 2. Justine LoPresti Georginna Fortina First scene: Orren and Brandi are having an affair in a glamorous bedroom. We see an unmanned camera. soon becomes apparent it’s a film set. Director yells cut. Brandi anOrren are about to go their separate ways. B – I’llsee you tonight. B + O: After my big interview: Brandi exits thru the side door. There are fans waiting for her. Reporter When are you planning to marry OT Brandi: When children in every nation are freed from prostitution! The crowd cheers. She signs as many autographs possible until a limousine whisks her away to a fancy restaurant in Beverly Hills for a meeting with Mekel Durrand. B-I’d like grilled salmon with lemon on the side. Ooh and a dash of paprika. Oh and take back this water. No ice. And jasmine tea. Not to hot. It was too hot last time. I burned my tongue and had to sue you, remember? Mekel Durrand – wants Brandi for his project. She wants $5 mil. He can offer 2. She says she’ll take two million if her boyfriend Orren Tyson is in the project and earns $3 million, so his ego won’t be hurt and he’ll think he’s a bigger star than her. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Brandi, her co-star Justine LoPresti has been kidnapped. Conrad Simms and Paul Kiripolsky are film students that get into film arguments. They argue who the greatest director is. Paul argues it was Francois Truffaut or Kurosawa. Conrad says it’s Mekel Durrand and the greatest actress is Brandi Mer and he’s heard from a secret source that they’re collaborating on a new film. Paul says he’s lost all respect for the guy. If he gets the internship with Mekel Durrand he applied for, Paul claims that he will hang up in his assistant’s face. Angie Winters makes her appearance. Conrad asks how her film is going. Paul asks if she’d like to get coffee. Angie asks Conrad if he’d like to be her editor. Conrad says, “Angie you’re the most talented female if not filmmaker here at school. Of course I’ll edit your film. May this be the beginning of a very long partnership.” Conrad asks her opinion on Brandi Mer. “Oh, I love her. She’s everything an actress should be and more.” Conrad says, “It’s a pity she’s that talented. I hate for you to break her heart when you steal her Oscar someday.” Brandi and Orren are having dinner. Orren says, “I’d really like to meet your parents.” Brandi says, “I haven’t seen them in years. I haven’t introduced a boyfriend to my parents since I was sixteen.” Orren is insistent, “I’m a traditional kind of guy. I’d hate to whisk my girlfriend off to Vegas without asking for her hand first.” Brandi is overcome with joy at the thought of marrying Orren. “Oh Orren.” Paul confronts Angie. “Angie, I really like you.” Angie says, “So does everyone else at school. If you haven’t noticed, I may be the most popular girl. I can’t go out with every guy that asks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have better things to attend to.” Kidnapping plot. If Brandi Mer doesn't win the Academy Award, the president's daughter will be returned unharmed? They are all trapped together. It turns out that Brandi is daydreaming about winning the Academy Award, and the award really goes to Georginna Fortina, in the biggest surprise win ever. Brandi is truly stunned and can't take it. Her boyfriend dumps her and the director is no longer interested in casting her. He approaches Justina LoPresti. Meanwhile, Angie's world comes crashing down when she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her. She decides to give Y Dir. a chance, because she feels badly over the way she has treated him. He gets the internship with Mekel that he wanted and is glad that he is now working with Justine instead of Brandi. Angie was misinformed and thought he was against commercialism. “No, I’m just opposed to Brandi Mer. She stands for everything I despise.” Brandi Mer overhears a conversation about her between two women discussing her and Kate Winslet. She cries that she deserved the Oscar and causes a scene, when Angie and Y Dir. are there for their date. Angie, "Isn't that Brandi Mer? Remember how you used to call her Brandi Merde when the rest of the world loved her? I think you were the only one who saw through her. But it is sad that she lost. I mean, her last film was kind of a pretentious, over-budget piece that was only meant to give her another Oscar. But look at her. How sad and pathetic she is. Y Dir. shakes the table and Angie thinks it's an earthquake. "Oh, you scared me. I thought it was an earthquake. (beat) I wonder what would happen if a quake hit this superficial town. I think it would put all our priorities in order. People struggling for food and water. Look at this extravagance we don't need it. Angie - You never know when it might strike. Subplot. An actress has been kidnapped. The daughter of academy president and costar on Brandi's new film has been kidnapped so that Brandi will not will the academy award. Otherwise Justine LoPresti will die. Once Brandi finds out this information, she is convinced Justine is the one who ruined her career. She is going to die, because the president sacrificed her career. Brandi needs to have an excuse to get a gun. Stalker? Or a real prop gun and she buys bullets. Like Bette Davis " The Star " Faye Dunaway “Chinatown” Parody on Hollywood Connections Actors Earthquake at Academy Awards Father and sister hard to understand best pic. Actress & actor are “friends” Film student
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