Stuff to do: -Get RUG -locations for Wes (DP) -2 500 Watts lights key light system -gun -diploma type up at home and get stock -2 purses (ebay or wherever) -might have to follow up on desk name plate that I ordered FADE IN: FADE IN: INT. DINING AREA PSYCHOANALYST is dining with his friend PERRY. Both men are in their mid to late twenties. Both are laughing from catching up on old times. PERRY So you've been doing well at your new job? PSYCHOANALYST Yeah, I may stick with it. There's just one thing I don't like. PERRY What's that? PSYCHOANALYST If a patient tells me he's going to kill someone, I have to report it. PERRY People tell you this kind of stuff? PSYCHOANALYST Never. No, people aren't idiots. They're not going to tell me if they plan to kill themselves or someone else. PERRY Well, what can you do about it? PSYCHOANALYST There's talk of reforming murderers instead of giving them the death penalty. Great idea? PERRY Yeah. PSYCHOANALYST Wrong. I believe murderers can be reformed before they commit a murder. Therapy. Talk through their issues. But how do you know if they're the ones that need help? You don't. Because they won't tell you. PERRY You've never had a patient that's killed someone. Have you? PSYCHOANALYST No, but I have this fear it'll happen. If I sensed someone was crazy, I'd almost think of killing them before they killed anyone. Because obviously they wouldn't tell you they were planning a murder. PERRY You're crazy! How could you tell they would murder if they didn't say they were going to? PSYCHOANALYST I'd just know. EXT. STREET MARESA, a blonde aspiring starlet (early 20s), is on her way to her psychoanalyst's appointment. She walks past Perry's body in an alleyway, but doesn't notice it. INT. PSYCHOANALYST'S OFFICE -- WAITING ROOM Maresa is waiting for the psychoanalyst. INT. PSYCHOANALYSTíS OFFICE Psychoanalyst commences the session with Maresa. PSYCHOANALYST Ah, you're Marissa Margolin. MARESA Maresa. PSYCHOANALYST Ah, Maresa, nice name. MARESA I'll cut right to the point. I want to be an actress. I have problems with my father. PSYCHOANALYST That IS right to the point. Your fatherís the problem? MARESA Yes. PSYCHOANALYST Could you expound. Please? MARESA I canít get from point A to point B without solving my own problems first. Iíve been acting on the stage, but itís like, sometimes I canít even... PSYCHOANALYST That IS right to the point. Your fatherís the problem? MARESA Yes. PSYCHOANALYST Uh, MARESA Well... PSYCHOANALYST You're related to... MARESA Yes. Maresa looks at SANFORD LURIE SMITH'S diploma. MARESA (CONT'D) Are you related to John Lurie? PSYCHOANALYST Who? MARESA John Lurie, the actor? PSYCHOANALYST No, Lurie was my mother's maiden name. I don't think we're related. I've never heard of him. MARESA Stupid. Isnít there any advice you can give me? Iím desperate. PSYCHOANALYST Maresa, you should pursue acting if thatís what you really wanted to do. MARESA But I told you that I wanted to act. You reaffirmed my decision. Iím paying how much per hour? And you canít even give me any advice? PSYCHOANALYST Now, listen to me. It seems like you have it easy. You have a rich father. You can perform on the stage instead of movies since thatís what you want to do. MARESA You moron! Iím working on the stage to try to break into film! And my father doesnít support me. He may be a three time Academy award winning director, but how much do you think Iíve seen him much in my entire life? Do you think he even gives me rent money? No, he thinks Iíll be a stronger person if he lets me make my ďown wayĒ. Do you think Iíve gotten any breaks for being his daughter? No, in fact being related to him has even hurt me. After the hooker scandal at least. I was just starting out at the time and only had two commercials on my resume. After that, no one called me until I came up with a stage name. PSYCHOANALYST Which was... MARESA Jessica Billings. PSYCHOANALYST Hmm. MARESA I was forced to change it after an actress with a similar name exploded onto the scene. PSYCHOANALYST Maresa is a nice name. Why donít you just change your last name? MARESA Finally, youíre giving me advice. But you couldnít even pronounce my name at first, and neither can anybody else. Also, I have an agent to let me know what to do with my career. I need you to let me know what to do with my life. PSYCHOANALYST Well, first of all, you definitely have issues with your dad. MARESA Yeah? Tell me something I donít know. PSYCHOANALYST Heís successful. And rich. The least he could do is give you a break. Iím very surprised that heís not paying for this therapy session. How can you even afford it? MARESA Thatís it. I have enough money for this one session. I need you to help me in our short time together. I canít tell you my whole life story over the period of several weeks. I need help now. Give me what you got. PSYCHOANALYST Make your father feel guilty. I get a lot of older clients with grown-up kids. They think that money and gifts and cars can make up for what they did. Obviously, it canít, but being rich and miserable is better than being poor and miserable. Right? MARESA You donít understand; my father is an unapologetic bastard. Admitting any kind of fault on his part would be a first. PSYCHOANALYST You could try. MARESA Heís basically told me I can ďsink or swimĒ. Heís not interested in me or my welfare. PSYCHOANALYST What Iím curious to know is why youíre pursuing a career in film if you hate your father so much? MARESA I donít hate him. Like I said, he was never around. But he could give a damn, you know? No one else in this world does. PSYCHOANALYST Your family is supposed to love you when no one else does. Thereís a whole world out there thatís friendlier than L.A. Iím from the mid-west and the folks are more caring out there. Maybe you could try moving? Maybe an acting career isnít what you really want. MARESA No, I have friends. Iíve lived here my whole life. I get along with my mother and my aunt. Iíve even kept in touch with some of my teachers. The only problem I have is my father. PSYCHOANALYST Just out of curiosity, do you find yourself dating older men? MARESA I have in the past, sure. PSYCHOANALYST Was it for money? Comfort? Were you trying to have that father figure in your life? MARESA Next youíll be asking me whether I wanted to sleep with him. PSYCHOANALYST Who? The older man in your life? MARESA No, my father. PSYCHOANALYST I wouldnít ask you that. (beat) Did you? MARESA (groans) Of course not. PSYCHOANALYST Why do you think thereís this distance between you and your father? MARESA He put the distance there. He was always busy filming, attending premieres, having affairs with stars, dining with producers. They were obviously people who meant something to him. I didnít. PSYCHOANALYST I think I get it. MARESA What? PSYCHOANALYST You want to be a movie star, so you can prove to your father that you were worth his attention all those years he was ignoring you. I think you either want him to embrace you or have him feel very sorry he mistreated you all those years. MARESA The latter, Iím afraid. I want him to feel very bad. PSYCHOANALYST So what is the point of this? MARESA The point of life? PSYCHOANALYST No, the point of coming to me to try to solve your problems. You donít want a solution. In fact, none of my clients do. They just want to tell me all of their troubles. MARESA Yes, I do want a solution! I want my life to count for something. PSYCHOANALYST I think your motivations are wrong. Youíre blinded by your anger toward your father. You werenít getting call-backs, so you blamed that on your fatherís so-called scandal. His movies didnít suffer at the box-office, so there must have been another reason. MARESA So, youíre a fan of my father. You know his track record? PSYCHOANALYST Well, I mean Iíve seen all his movies. I think Iím lucky to have you as a client. MARESA Thanks. PSYCHOANALYST So basically, I think you need healing. MARESA I donít have enough cash to keep coming here for that healing. PSYCHOANALYST You say you have friends. You say you get along with everyone else. Why donít you ask them for advice? Why canít you tell them whatís going on? MARESA Itís like, I donít want to be a downer. And screw it, youíre right; this is L.A. They donít give a damn about me. Theyíre shallow. All my friends are interested in are themselves and how they look and if I can make them look good. Itís like, we all have the same shade of blonde hair and the same designer purses. My life is empty. And my mother who I love is a drug addict. She hates my father even more than I do, hence the divorce. Sheís spent her whole settlement on cocaine and rehab, and rehab and cocaine. PSYCHOANALYST Iím interested why you havenít turned to drugs. MARESA No, I havenít. I see what itís done to my mother. (beat) You know what? Youíre right. Iím angry. PSYCHOANALYST Why? MARESA People assume that Iíve had it easy. PSYCHOANALYST So you care what people think? MARESA Itís just frustrating to be misunderstood. PSYCHOANALYST (beat) I am so stupid. MARESA What? PSYCHOANALYST Youíre right. I donít know anything. I didnít see it right away. THATíS what you want. MARESA What? Sex? PSYCHOANALYST No, you donít want healing. You donít want to talk. You want a prescription! MARESA What!? Do I look like I need a prescription? I already told you I donít do drugs. PSYCHOANALYST These drugs are legal. Iíll give you a healthy dose. Youíll be fine and dandy in no time. MARESA No thanks. I already told you, drugs messed up my motherís life. Thatís how she got started: abusing prescribed medications. Then it got way out of control when she started doing the harder stuff. PSYCHOANALYST We all have addictions of some sort. MARESA I donít need an addiction. PSYCHOANALYST With your mother itís drugs. With your father itís sex. MARESA Iím glad my familyís all over the tabloids. Thereís so much I donít have to explain to you. PSYCHOANALYST With you...? I sense that youíre very empty. MARESA What? PSYCHOANALYST Donít be so defensive. You crave your fatherís attention. MARESA Thatís not an addiction. PSYCHOANALYST Itís more like an obsession. You wonít stop until you get what you want. MARESA I may never get it. PSYCHOANALYST Maresa, have you ever thought of suicide? MARESA No! PSYCHOANALYST I mean, come on. Dysfunctional family, struggling in your career, empty and shallow life... Have you ever thought of pulling the plug? MARESA No! PSYCHOANALYST I mean, maybe youíd never actually do it. But have you thought about it? MARESA Well, sure, hasnít everyone? But not seriously. I mean my dadís crazy girlfriend tried to kill herself, but that was only for attention. I mean, Iíll make it in the business. I have to! Thatís why Iím here on this earth, I think. PSYCHOANALYST Not everyone makes it. Wouldnít it be easier to receive instant fame? To live on forever? MARESA Iím not sure where youíre going with this, however I realize that even if I do make it, Iím only getting fifteen minutes of fame. There are too many people vying to be actors. Even if I hit it big, it wonít last. In fact, I may only be in one big film. Or two. Life is short. The psychoanalyst takes out a gun. PSYCHOANALYST Well, Iíve thought about suicide. People tell me their troubles. Theyíre the same, empty people. They donít change. They continue in their misery, and they wonder why. MARESA First you ask me if Iíve slept with my father... PSYCHOANALYST No, you thought I was asking... MARESA Then youíre convinced I came here for drugs. You ask me if I think of suicide. Then you pull out a gun! Iíll pay for the whole hour, but Iím afraid Iíll have to leave now. Maresa turns to leave, but the psychoanalyst stands to shoot her in the back. Maresa falls. PSYCHOANALYST Sheíll be on the front page tomorrow morning. Itíll take a few years off her fatherís life. Heíll wonder why he never did anything for her. Sheíll be immortalized in a Hollywood tragedy. I always like to think Iím helping my clients. Maresaís cell phone starts to ring. Even though she is dead, he reaches into her purse and pulls it out and answers. PSYCHOANALYST (CONTíD) Hello? PATRICIA Hello, Maresa? PSYCHOANALYST This is Jerzy, her boyfriend. PATRICIA Could I talk to Maresa? She was supposed to meet up with me to go shopping? Is she canceling? PSYCHOANALYST Oh, sheís out of the room right now. But yeah, we were planning on meeting you, later. PATRICIA Thatís strange, I didnít know she had a boyfriend. PSYCHOANALYST Oh, I bet she never mentioned me. I asked her not to mention me to her friends, because I was married. But now with the divorce coming through... PATRICIA Alright, when will you be here? PSYCHOANALYST Where again now? PATRICIA This clothes shop off Wilshire. You know... PSYCHOANALYST No, I donít. PATRICIA Maresa knows. Sheíll tell you. PSYCHOANALYST No, sheís uh, not driving. I want to know where Iím going. PATRICIA Well itís off ... Wilshire and 8th. PSYCHOANALYST In Santa Monica?? PATRICIA Yes. PSYCHOANALYST Well, give us time to get there. Half hour? PATRICIA Great. PSYCHOANALYST Nice talking with you, uh... PATRICIA Patricia. And you were... PSYCHOANALYST Jerzy. PATRICIA Jerzy? Interesting name. Iíll see you in a few. EXT. WILSHIRE STREET The psychoanalyst is parked and he sees a young woman who is PATRICIA right by the alley. He sneaks up and pushes her into the alley and pulls out his gun. She is nervous. PATRICIA Here, you can take my money. I have a bunch. Just donít hurt me! PSYCHOANALYST I donít want your money! PATRICIA Jerzy? No, you must have stolen Maresaís phone. Who are you? She doesnít have a boyfriend? She struggles away from Jerzy and tries to grab control of the gun. It goes off and she screams. Psychoanalyst retains control of the gun and points it at Patricia again. PSYCHOANALYST Shut up! PATRICIA What happened to Maresa? PSYCHOANALYST I killed her. PATRICIA No you didnít. PSYCHOANALYST She was living in a meaningless existence. Iíve seen so many people like her. They never make it. PATRICIA What are you talking about? PSYCHOANALYST And Iím asking, would you like to be killed too? Are you as messed up as her? PATRICIA She wasnít messed up. You couldnít have killed her. She had a therapy appointment and then... PSYCHOANALYST I was her therapist. PATRICIA No you werenít! PSYCHOANALYST Yes, I was. It was obvious none of her problems could be solved. PATRICIA She had no problems! PSYCHOANALYST Yes, she did. She probably didnít admit them to anyone. I am a licensed therapist. You can tell me all your problems. Letís start from when you were a kid. Did you have a happy childhood? PATRICIA Yes! PSYCHOANALYST A Mom and Dad, and harmonious siblings? PATRICIA Yes. And a wonderful nanny who took care of me. PSYCHOANALYST You mean to say your parents abandoned you? And gave complete control to a nanny? You werenít her own. She probably didnít care about you. You probably hate your parents! PATRICIA No, I donít. I love them. PSYCHOANALYST How about your boyfriends? Do they mistreat you? PATRICIA What are you talking about? You are the only man who has ever put a gun in my face. PSYCHOANALYST I donít mean violence per se. Has any boyfriend forgotten your birthday? Have you ever wanted to kill someone? PATRICIA You are a very sick and twisted man. PSYCHOANALYST Thatís what they say. I just call Ďem like I see Ďem. PATRICIA What about you? Who was the one who hurt you? PSYCHOANALYST Maresa. PATRICIA What? PSYCHOANALYST Today. Yes, thatís right. PATRICIA How? PSYCHOANALYST Hugh Margolin is my favorite director. And she comes in today, saying how hard sheís had it. And all she wants is her fifteen minutes of fame. I handed it to her on a silver platter and I bet Iíll be in jail the rest of my life for it. PATRICIA I hope so! PSYCHOANALYST How dare you! All I want is a little peace of mind. I get these rich girls who have had it easy and all she wants to do is become an actress. Youíre another one of those girls... It drives me so insane. I only want to eliminate one or two of you before I go to jail for the rest of my life. Patricia grabs control of the gun and she aims it at him. He pulls another gun out and they are at a standstill. FADE OUT THE END
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