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Monday, 8 November 2004
Trigger Week Part 2 I think
Birth with Nicole Kidman is a terrible film. I can handle the whole adult with a minor thing. If I couldn't, I wouldn't have seen it. But it is an awful film, even though it offers a fresh perspective. Fresh isn't enough to rise above slow and less-than-perfect acting.

Nic is wonderful, but I found myself wanting to slap Anne Heche on more than one occasion. Nic sighed one too many times in the film though, and it really got on my nerves.

The music is awful. It has this bass sound that keeps thumping. I wanted to strangle the composer! Then there were chimes that were out of place. The music went from happy-chimey to sparse-bassey. It didn't flow with the movie, and was a distraction. I would have preferred no music in the film at all.

I would have preferred that the director yelled at the actors a little more, asking them to pick up the pace. We don't need to see Nic's husband jogging for three minutes straight in the beginning of the movie...AND WITH NO OPENING CREDITS! Come on, a long, drawn-out opening sequence with no credits? And he's just jogging in the snow???

Forget that!

The week before, coincedentally, I had seen Get Out Your Handkerchiefs with Gerard Depardieu. He is open to his wife having extramarital affairs, but does not like the fact that she chose a 13 year old boy.

All Birth and Get Out Your Handkerchiefs have in common is an older woman having an affair with an underage boy. Get Out Your Handkerchiefs was half-way entertaining and had a good story and likeable characters. The boy in Birth was a good actor, but his character was unlikeable and even creepy.

There is also a book remarkably similar to the idea of Birth. It's called Walter's Purple Heart, written by Catherine Ryan Hyde (author of Pay it Forward). An older woman finds her husband reincarnated... I think the boy is not underage. He might still be in his teens though. The book was fascinating, captivating and had more substance than Birth. Birth could have been good like Get Out Your Handkerchiefs and Walter's Purple Heart, but it did not turn out that great. Without spoiling the ending, I'll only say it could have been better written.

I was going to send a message to the Blog Explosions visitors, but I will do that tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Yours Truly, rancette at 1:21 PM PST
Updated: Monday, 8 November 2004 1:39 PM PST
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Monday, 8 November 2004 - 4:00 PM PST

Name: princessr9

Thanks for the warning, I was actually considering going to see Birth.

Monday, 8 November 2004 - 7:11 PM PST

Name: Surly
Home Page:

Is you message to BE people going to get you sniffy comments and personal attacks like mine did? Long live suburbia!

But back to what I really wanted to say, and that's that I wish Nicole Kidman's agent would get over the Oscar win and let her have fun again. Fun like in "To Die For", "Moulin Rouge" (which I hated, but she sure did look like she was having fun), and "The Others". Enough with the profound, weepy, sigh-y roles already.

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