12 months ago in July i started my blog out of self-interest to prove I was good enough to take over Rance's blog. On the 27th, I wasted my first kiss on a loser. 11 months ago in August I fell in love with Quentin Tarantino (whew, thank goodness THAT was a phase). 10 months ago in September I celebrated Naomi Watts' birthday on my blog instead of my own (I was still afraid of people knowing too much about me). 9 months ago in October I 8 months ago in November I participated in Nanowrimo.org and wrote my third book. 7 months ago in December I bought my fish Rance & Naomi. Naomi died that same month. Several other things happened, like I went to Nashville, because I was supposed to start being a nanny in Beverly Hills in January and wanted a nice break (which turned into about six months). The job fell through and thank goodness it did. Probably would have been hell. 6 months ago in January, I 5 months ago in February, I 4 months ago in March, I 3 months ago in April, I visited New York for the first time. 2 months ago in May, I 1 months ago in June, I which brings us to July. I've finished 3 1/2 scripts this year. I'm completely different. Good movies seen include: The Aviator, Mean Streets, I Heart Huckabees. RANCE: Remember when you used to do those Rance & Rancette stories? RANCETTE: Please don't remind me. RANCE: I mean the time I was Bruce Willis or the time I was Jim Carrey, but I really liked it when I was George Clooney. RANCETTE: They were no good. RANCE: How can you say that? RANCETTE: Well, they're pretty ridiculous. RANCE:
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