INT. CLUB -- MOMENTS LATER There’s only four or five people besides Kyle and Lauren. KYLE It’s dead. It’s not even close to selling out. LAUREN She HAS to sing “Ton Meilleur Ami” It’s my favorite. GIGI LAFORME GROUPIE For her Francoise Hardy numbers, she usually sing, “Tous Le Garcons et Les Filles” and “All Over the World”. The lights dim. All five people start clapping. Gigi is dressed like a ye-ye girl from the ‘60s complete with knee high boots and a beret. She opens with the public domain number. At the end of the song, a guy from the crowd shoots her and screams from insanity. Lauren tackles the guy and Kyle grabs the gun while the Gigi LaForme groupie calls the police. Kyle checks Gigi’s pulse. KYLE She’s dead. GIGI LAFORME GROUPIE Now I can officially say I’ve attended all her shows. I was disappointed I wasn’t going to be able to fly to France to catch the next leg of her tour. So I’m glad I didn’t make plans to go. LAUREN I’ve always had this fantasy to see a legend’s “last” performance. I mean how cool would it be to say you caught the very last Jimi Hendrix show? We caught the very last Gigi LaForme show. KYLE It’s too bad, though. French music was really starting to come back. LAUREN I know. She could have been a star. EXT. MOTEL -- NEXT DAY Kyle and Lauren are in their car, leaving L.A. LAUREN So when we stop back in Orange County... KYLE We’re not stopping in Orange County! LAUREN No, let’s go back to the Spectrum Mall and go back to the fountain. I saw the cutest fish and I want to take it home to San Diego. KYLE There was a fish in the fountain? CUT TO: INT. CAR -- HOURS LATER Kyle and Lauren are driving again. Lauren is holding a fish in a small tank. KYLE So what are you going to name him? LAUREN It’s a girl. I was thinking “Constance”. KYLE Why? LAUREN That was Veronica Lake’s real name. EXT. LAUREN’S HOME -- PORCH -- NEXT MORNING KYLE So did you have the time of your life? LAUREN Yeah. I wish it could have lasted forever. KYLE I’m sorry. I mean, I should have stuck to being an extra. It was so stupid, but... LAUREN No, I mean I wish it would have been a vacation forever. If we had stayed, I think I would have gotten sick of L.A. KYLE Yeah. LAUREN I mean everywhere I go, it’s the same. There are people struggling to make their way. There are Starbucks. There are Burger Kings. There’s independent record stores. You need to find a shitty job to survive. I mean, it really doesn’t matter that we had to go back to San Diego. KYLE Really? But I thought you hated this place. LAUREN I do. I mean, I did. But it doesn’t matter. I’ll have you. I’ll have my records. I’ll always have this excursion to L.A. And I’ll always have Mandy to go to the mall with. KYLE You’d go to the mall with my kid sister? LAUREN Yeah, and I’ll show her how to quit in style. KYLE Yeah? LAUREN Wait until the fattest regular customer comes in... Plead with them to stop eating McDonald’s or it’ll kill them. Then throw down your McDonald’s hat and lock the register and throw out the key and the master key and throw all the happy meal boxes in the parking lot on your way out. KYLE I see you’ve had experience quitting McDonald’s before. LAUREN That was my first and last fast good job. So how about you? What was your worst job? KYLE When I was nineteen, I got a job at this theater. It started out as the best job, because I got to watch free movies. It was like my first job that I really had to depend on for income. So one check they shorted me like two hundred dollars. And I needed it for rent. And they said they’d pay me the next check. I got evicted from my apartment, because they forgot to add it to my next check. So... on my last day, I filed a report that I found the theater seats in the front and third rows all cut up after this boxing movie. It was a really nice theater. They had just renovated it. Then I dumped all the butter in the back room where the manager kept all his personal movie memorabilia. Then, I left. LAUREN I never worked at a theater. I always wanted to. KYLE I always wanted to work in a really tall building. On the hundredth floor. And then take the elevator, which of course would be see--through glass, so you could see the outside world getting smaller the higher you went up. Then, one day when I got sick of the job (which of course I would), I’d go up to the roof, and I’d parachute off the top. LAUREN Cool. KYLE Really? So, where else would you work? LAUREN I’m torn. I’d either work in a bakery in Paris and bake bread or I’d work as a phone operator. I’d speak to each customer in a different voice or accent. Then, they’d be like, ‘Are you really British?’ And I’d be like ‘Yeah’. KYLE Did you feed Constance? LAUREN Yeah. (beat) Where would you go if you got the chance? KYLE I don’t know. I’d go everywhere. I mean, we’re three days from anywhere. We’re stuck in San Diego right now, but we can save up and go anywhere in the world. Next time it could be Canada or New Zealand or even Nebraska. It doesn’t really matter, as long as we have each other. With the line "So how long do you think it will take to get there?" "Oh, 'bout three days!" FADE OUT THE END
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