[A director chooses actors for a new movie. One actress declines because they are going to a cabin in the woods for one week and she can't live without her cell phone/what if something happens. An actress has seizures the first day and the P.A. takes her to the hospital. They never come back. The main actress shoots several scenes and each scene is perfect.] [HIGH SCHOOL MOVIE (based on L & his friend) Unbeknownst to Craig, the kid he's befriending (Mark/Marco) is the son of a multi-millionaire. Craig sees that Sarah has dropped her books. As he reaches to pick them up she says No, I'll get that. Craig is truly alone. He tries to talk to Ricky, but he is now on the football team and doesn't have time or interest to talk to Craig. ] [Revenge on the Haircutter: Carly needs to have a haircut for an appointment for an emergency party. Her regular hairdresser can't do it, so she goes to just anywhere. The hairdresser RUINS it and Carly seeks revenge on the hairdresser Meredith.] [Edmund Kemper, known as the Coed Butcher - The Crime library] [Italian names: Speranza, Licia, Novella, Rosetta,/ her boyfriend = Drew ] A movie about a man who treats his woman bad.
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