EXT. SCHOOL PARKING LOT KELSEY, 17, a blonde girl, and CHELSEA CAMDEN, 17, a dark-haired girl start to walk home after school. KELSEY Brr, itís cold. CHELSEA Oh shut up! This is warm compared to Connecticut. It's like 55 degrees now. And it probably won't get below 40 the whole winter. KELSEY Uh, 55 degrees is cold. I can't even imagine forty. CHELSEA Wear a coat! KELSEY That would cover up my body though. What if an agent was looking for hot people and I was all covered up? CHELSEA You should wear a sweater at least. KELSEY Yeah, I just, oh my gosh!! There's David. DAVID, the most popular senior, 18, is approaching. KELSEY Hi! DAVID Hey guys. CHELSEA David, what are you doing for Christmas break? DAVID I'm going to visit my grandma. KELSEY How sweet. She and Chelsea giggle up a storm. DAVID So what are you doing? CHELSEA I'm throwing a Holiday Bash Saturday. It should be really great. Do you wanna come? DAVID I'd love to, but I leave for Grandma's on Friday. Dang it! What's your number in case I can go. Kelsey giggles. Chelsea rips out a page of her notebook and writes "555-4304". DAVID Cool. I'll see you chicks later. Chelsea giggles. KELSEY He called us chicks! INT. DAVIDíS HOUSE DAVIDíS MOM and DAVIDíS DAD, a couple in their mid-forties, are preparing to leave and packing last minute things: suitcases and presents. DAVID'S MOM David, we're leaving. Now you promise you'll leave Sunday morning in order to get there by Sunday night? DAVID Yeah, Mom. DAVID'S DAD I can't believe they give these kids homework over Christmas break. DAVID'S MOM It's okay, honey. This is an opportunity for a "romantic" drive up to Mom's house. DAVID Eww. David's Dad is equally perturbed. DAVID'S DAD Okay. Call us if you need anything, Dave. DAVID I will, but I'm sure everything will be cool. You guys go and have a good time! As soon as his parents are out the door, he dials Chelsea's number. DAVID Hi, can I speak to Chelsea? CHELSEA It's me. DAVID Hey, it's David. CHELSEA David, oh my gosh! DAVID Yeah, so I don't have to go to my grandma's until tomorrow as it turns out. Am I still invited to your party? CHELSEA Oh! Of course. It would be way cool to have you there. DAVID Well, then. I'll be there. What time? CHELSEA 8 PM. Bring something if you can. And there's going to be a white elephant gift exchange. Just bring something fun and wrap it. DAVID Will do. Oh wait, is Diane coming? CHELSEA I'm sorry, Iím not really that close to her or anything. DAVID I didn't mean to mention my ex, but I just want to make sure she's not there. CHELSEA Oh, I understand. You can bring someone if you want. DAVID No, it's okay. As long as you're going to be there Chelsea. You know, I always had a thing for you. CHELSEA No way! But you and Diane were together for a long time! DAVID I know. I was stuck with her, but I always thought you were so pretty. CHELSEA Me? Pretty? Really? DAVID Oh yeah, hot. Chelsea is dying of excitement at this point. CHELSEA Well, I'm flattered. I can't believe you think that. DAVID If you want, maybe we could hang out sometime. I mean, would you be my girlfriend? CHELSEA Of course, I love you to death! I mean I like you. I mean... DAVID It's okay. I love you too. EXT. CHELSEA'S HOUSE - NIGHT David rings the doorbell. He is holding a small wrapped package and a bottle of sparkling cider. No one answers, so he goes in. Chelseaís place is buzzing with all types of highschoolers. A rock version of ďDeck the HallsĒ is playing. ETHAN, a punk, waves at David. ETHAN Yo, what's going on? DAVID Hey Ethan. Ethan looks at the bottle of sparkling cider. ETHAN Martinelli's. I was hoping for a case of Miller, myself. That's what older brothers are for, man. DAVID I donít have an older brother. Chelsea turns the corner with Kelsey. CHELSEA David! Iím so glad you made it. KELSEY Sheís been praying all day youíd be here. CHELSEA Kelsey! KELSEY You have, Chelsea. DAVID Am I a moron for bringing sparkling cider? CHELSEA Oh no. My parents made me promise there would be no alcohol here or Iíd be grounded for life. KELSEY How would they know? DAVID Whereís your restroom? CHELSEA Down the hall. DAVID Iíll be right back. David goes down the hall and disappears into the restroom. Ethan and another girl pass by Chelsea and Kelsey, overhearing them. CHELSEA (CONTíD) Oh my gosh, Kelsey, Iím going to kill you! Why did you tell David I couldnít stop thinking about him? KELSEY I thought he told you he loved you. CHELSEA Yes, but thatís my business. KELSEY Then why did you tell me? CHELSEA Oh forget it! This party is ruined anyway. KELSEY No, itís not. Iím going upstairs to see Julie and Vanessa. Iím sure we can keep this party fun. Kelsey storms up the stairs. GREG, a dark-haired junior approaches Chelsea. GREG Wow, you look cute tonight. CHELSEA Thanks, I thought I was looking frazzled. GREG What? No, thatís a gorgeous dress. Listen, maybe we can go out sometime. CHELSEA Iím sort of seeing someone right now. GREG Who? Do I know him? Is he here? CHELSEA Those are a lot of questions. Look... GREG Youíre not seeing anyone. You just donít like me. CHELSEA Youíre nice, but... Suddenly, screams come from upstairs. VANESSA, a petite brunette classmate of Chelseaís, comes running down the stairs. A moderate amount of blood is on her hands. VANESSA Chelsea, come up here quick! Chelsea leaves Greg and runs up the stairs. David comes out from the restroom and joins Greg. DAVID Whatís going on? GREG I donít know. Vanessa spilled pizza or something. INT. CHELSEAíS HOUSE - UPSTAIRS ROOM Kelsey is now dead, lying on a bed with blood dripping down her face from a KNIFE WOUND. Chelsea paces around Vanessa. CHELSEA Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what happened? VANESSA I donít know. Julie and I were in the rec room when she mentioned that you had a cute new bedspread. When we got to your room, Kelsey was on your bed covered in blood. I thought it was some kind of joke, so I touched her face. JULIE, a cute blonde, joins them. She removes a cell phone from her ear. JULIE I canít get through to 911. VANESSA Sara Jenkinsí dad is a police officer. Call him. CHELSEA Police, oh no, my parents are going to kill me! Chelsea covers her own face. JULIE Feel Kelseyís pulse! CHELSEA No donít. Sheís obviously dead. Vanessa feels Kelseyís pulse anyway. VANESSA Oh, this is so disgusting. Vanessa shrieks. VANESSA (CONTíD) Nothing!! I touched a dead girl. Eww, eww, gross. CHELSEA Kelsey was my best friend. Julie hugs Chelsea. JULIE Itís okay sweetie. Itíll be okay. CHELSEA No it wonít be! Sheís dead forever. INT. POLICE STATION - QUESTIONING ROOM A male OFFICER (30s) is questioning Ethan. ETHAN Chelsea said to Kelsey, ďIím going to kill you.Ē OFFICER She was serious? ETHAN I donít know why she was spazzing. All I know is two minutes later, Kelsey was dead. The officer is now questioning David. OFFICER Where were you? DAVID I was in the downstairs bathroom. OFFICER Convenient alibi. Did you hear any death threats? DAVID No, no. Chelsea wouldnít harm anyone. The officer is now questioning Chelsea. OFFICER It was your house. No parents were there? CHELSEA No, they went back to Connecticut for a funeral. Theyíll be back shortly. OFFICER No one saw Kelsey Rowe murdered? CHELSEA I donít think so. OFFICER Whatís your alibi? CHELSEA I was talking to my friend Greg at the time. OFFICER Weíve talked to him. It seems he has a little crush on you. CHELSEA Yes, but I donít like him. OFFICER But he would probably cover for you if you needed help. CHELSEA I donít know. I was just talking to him downstairs. Everybody saw me. OFFICER Like who? CHELSEA I donít know, but I wouldnít kill my best friend. OFFICER You told her you were going to. CHELSEA It was a joke. OFFICER Iím not laughing. CHELSEA I mean, I wasnít serious. OFFICER In other words, youíre a liar. CHELSEA No. OFFICER Either you lied to Kelsey or you murdered her. Are you a murderer or a liar? A FEMALE OFFICER comes into the room. FEMALE OFFICER You can stop questioning her. We have a suspect. Do you want to see her? CHELSEA Her? Who is she? The female officer leads Chelsea to a cell, containing Vanessa. VANESSA I didnít do it! CHELSEA I know you couldnít have. VANESSA Remember when I told you I thought Kelseyís face? Some of her blood got on my clothes and theyíre saying I did it! CHELSEA Someone had to have killed her. VANESSA It wasnít me. Youíve got to believe me. CHELSEA I do, but how can I get you out of here? VANESSA Help me. Where was David? CHELSEA David was downstairs in the bathroom. It seemed like he was taking a long time, but it couldnít have been him. He was trying to impress me. VANESSA Well, it wasnít me. Get me out of here. CHELSEA Iím sorry Vanessa, but thereís nothing I can do. Vanessa shakes the bars even though they donít move. Chelsea goes out to the parking lot and sees David. CHELSEA (CONTíD) David! DAVID Oh hi, Chelsea. We should go out on that date. I mean, Iíve been telling people youíre my girlfriend. Is that okay? CHELSEA Yeah, it is. How about tomorrow? DAVID Remember? I have to leave for my grandmaís for Christmas. CHELSEA Oh. Iíll miss you. DAVID Iíll miss you too. CHELSEA David? DAVID I didnít do it. CHELSEA I know. I didnít do it either. Be safe. DAVID I will. EXT. ROAD - THE NEXT DAY David is driving fast to make up for lost time. INT. JULIEíS HOME - LIVING ROOM Julie and Chelsea are gathered to discuss whatís going on. JULIE Howís Vanessa holding up? CHELSEA Sheís going crazy. I mean, I would be too if I were in jail. JULIE Thereís no way Vanessa killed Kelsey. Phone rings. JULIE (CONTíD) Let me get that. Julie picks up the cordless phone. Her response is hysterical. JULIE (CONTíD) (on the phone) No, whatís going on? This canít be happening. CHELSEA Whatís the matter? Julie clicks off the phone. JULIE Steve Arnette just called. CHELSEA Graceís brother? JULIE Yeah, you know how Grace got into that bad car accident? She was in the ICU and they found her brutally murdered this morning. Chelsea hugs Julie. CHELSEA Oh Julie, thatís terrible. JULIE Donít touch me! For all I know, the murderer could be you. CHELSEA Calm down. JULIE It has to be the same killer. Grace was knifed too. They have to let Vanessa out! I should have never gone to your party. Vanessa wouldnít be in jail and Grace would still be alive. CHELSEA Iím sorry. I donít know what to say. My best friendís dead too. JULIE Just leave. You donít understand. EXT. GRANDMAíS HOUSE - AFTERNOON David rings the doorbell. Davidís Mom opens the door. DAVIDíS MOM Come on in! GRANDMA, a woman in her eighties trots down the hall and gives David a hug. GRANDMA Oh, David, honey! DAVID Hi, Grandma. GRANDMA Iíve got your presents all under the tree. DAVID Thanks, Grandma. GRANDMA Howís school? DAVID A girl I knew was killed at a party. DAVIDíS MOM At least you werenít there, David. GRANDMA Oh, how awful. Was it one of those shootings? DAVID No. DAVIDíS DAD Who was the girl? DAVIDíS MOM Diane? DAVID No, her name was Kelsey Rowe. DAVIDíS DAD That pretty redhead? DAVID No, she was blonde. I feel that my friends need me right now. GRANDMA Your family needs you more. Itís been so long since weíve seen you. INT. CHELSEAíS HOUSE - CONTINUOUS MR. and MRS. CAMDEN (Chelseaís parents, a couple in their mid-forties) arrive back from their weekend trip. Chelsea nervously greets them. She knows sheís in trouble. MRS. CAMDEN Weíre home! MR. CAMDEN We brought you some goodies. MRS. CAMDEN Which youíre not going to get, because we heard a girl got killed at our house while we were away? That is completely inexcusable, young lady. CHELSEA It wasnít my fault. Besides, the police are investigating. MRS. CAMDEN Marlene Jenkins told me youíre dating a senior. You canít date a senior. CHELSEA But Iím a junior! MRS. CAMDEN Since the beginning of high school, Iíve told you that dates with seniors are off-limits. CHELSEA What about when Iím a senior? MRS. CAMDEN I donít appreciate your back talk, young lady. CHELSEA Back talk? What is this? MRS. CAMDEN I knew we shouldnít have let her have that big party when we were away. MR. CAMDEN I thought she was mature enough to handle it, but apparently not. MRS. CAMDEN I just hope you didnít kill anyone, Chelsea. CHELSEA Of course I didnít, Mom. MRS. CAMDEN Well, well. Iíll have to punish you or you wonít learn. You canít drive your car until Christmas Day and I donít want to hear any arguments. CHELSEA Thatís fine. MRS. CAMDEN I want you to pick up some items at the grocery store for me. Iím sure the fridge is empty. CHELSEA How do I get there if I canít drive? MRS. CAMDEN You walk. EXT. GROCERY STORE DIANE, a curly haired brunette, 17, walks out of the store. Chelsea sees her and approaches her. CHELSEA Diane. DIANE So I hear youíre with David now. Do you want my congratulations? CHELSEA Listen, I just... DIANE I didnít kill Kelsey. I donít even know where you live. CHELSEA Grace Arnette was murdered too. DIANE Sweetie, are you planning to kill me next? CHELSEA No, I just wondered if you had any information. DIANE I donít hang around the people you do. Iím suspicious of Ethan, but that Vanessa girl probably did it. CHELSEA Vanessa was in jail when Grace was killed. DIANE Who says there arenít two killers? CHELSEA They were both brutally stabbed. DIANE It wasnít me, so I donít see why I should care. CHELSEA But you could be next! DIANE Is that a threat? CHELSEA No. I could be next. DIANE You should mind your own business. You probably are next. The killer probably targets boyfriend stealers. Diane walks off smugly. EXT. ROAD - DUSK Julie is walking down a street with no one else around. Chelsea with grocery bags in tow catches up to her. JULIE (surprised) Oh you scared me! CHELSEA Sorry. JULIE Donít sneak up on me. CHELSEA I didnít mean to. You shouldnít be walking alone. JULIE Hey, neither should you. Iím sorry about earlier. CHELSEA Itís okay. JULIE Youíre probably the only one who does understand, so Iím sorry if I dissed you. A car comes from out of nowhere and swerves toward Julie and Chelsea. They split up and then run to the nearest house which is about twenty feet from the street. Chelsea frantically rings the doorbell. JULIE I think the carís gone. CHELSEA Was it trying to hit us intentionally? JULIE I donít know. I canít be too sure. Who would know weíre out here? CHELSEA I saw Diane at the grocery store. She could have followed me. JULIE Thatís not her car. CHELSEA I know, but I didnít see the driverís face. Did you? An man in his early sixties, PETE, opens the door. PETE Yes? CHELSEA Iím sorry to bother you. A car just tried to hit us. PETE What? JULIE I have my cell phone. Could we wait here until my mom picks us up? PETE Thatís fine, I suppose. I can drive you girls home if you want. JULIE I hate to trouble you. PETE We can go in my truck. Thereís a killer on the loose you know. Pete walks ahead to his old truck, while Julie and Chelsea lag behind. CHELSEA Weíre not supposed to take rides from strange men! JULIE Maybe heís the killer. Julie laughs. Pete turns around, and the girls stop talking. Pete turns back around. CHELSEA He couldnít be the killer. He was inside when the car tried to hit us. Pete opens the passenger side door. PETE You girls get in this way. JULIE Whatís your name? The girls get inside the truck. PETE Call me Pete. Pete gets in the truck and they start driving. Julieís house isnít far and Pete drops her off. At first there is an awkward silence between Pete and Chelsea. PETE (CONTíD) Those girls who were murdered were about your age. CHELSEA Yes, sir. The first girl was my best friend. PETE I hope they find the guy who did it. And lock him up for good. CHELSEA The murderer could be a girl. Pete shakes his head. PETE No way, unless the killer was a lesbian. CHELSEA What? PETE Iíve done some research on the subject. I tried to write crime novels back in the day. Killers only murder the gender that theyíre attracted to. CHELSEA Iíve never heard that before. The same car that was following Chelsea and Julie before is tailgating the truck. The truck speeds up until the car goes around the side, hitting the truck and spinning it out of control. The car speeds off, while the truck crashes into a tree on the driverís side. Peteís face is covered in too blood for him to be alive and Chelsea screams. There is a gas station nearby, so Chelsea seeks refuge there and dials 911. CHELSEA Hello? Thereís a bad accident off Main Street and Carter Road. Yes, someoneís dead. Moments later, there is a police car and an ambulance surrounding the area. The same officer that questioned Chelsea before, is now at the scene. OFFICER So a car was trying to crash into the truck? And you were inside the truck. CHELSEA Yes! OFFICER You could have pulled the steering wheel from his hands and crashed it into the tree. If I didnít know better, Iíd think there was something fishy about you. CHELSEA Thereís a killer out there and youíve got to find him! OFFICER I think you ought to calm down. CHELSEA I feel so bad. Is there anything else you can do? OFFICER Weíre doing the best we can. CHELSEA You police arenít doing anything! OFFICER You called us to the scene. Weíre here. What more do you want us to do? CHELSEA Find the killer. Before all of my friends disappear. EXT. GRANDMAíS HOUSE - DAVIDíS ROOM David is stuck at his grandmaís. He takes out his cell to call Chelsea. There are intercuts between David at his grandmotherís house and Chelsea in her room, the same one where Kelsey was killed. DAVID (on the phone) Chelsea? CHELSEA (on the phone) Yes? DAVID (on the phone) Hey, itís David. CHELSEA (on the phone) Oh, David. Iíve had the worst night ever. A car tried to run me over. DAVID (on the phone) Thatís terrible! Are you okay? CHELSEA (on the phone) Yes, but this nice gentleman offered to drive me home. And now heís dead. DAVID (on the phone) What? How? CHELSEA (on the phone) The car that tried to kill me earlier came back and hit his truck and it spun out of control... DAVID (on the phone) I have to tell you something. CHELSEA (on the phone) Yes? DAVID (on the phone) When Diane and I were together, I told her weíd be together forever. That was so stupid of me, but thatís what I said. When I broke up with her, she was irrational and said she would kill any girl I tried to go out with. Obviously, I didnít believe her... CHELSEA (on the phone) The guy in the truck said he thought the killer was a man. DAVID Heís just some random guy making a guess. CHELSEA If you thought Diane was dangerous, why didnít you tell the police? DAVID (on the phone) I would have, but I didnít think sheíd actually kill someone. Thereís something else I have to tell you. I had a crush on Kelsey last year. Somehow Diane found out about it and she got really jealous. CHELSEA (on the phone) What about Grace Arnette? DAVID (on the phone) Grace? CHELSEA (on the phone) Did you ever go out with her or anything? DAVID (on the phone) I took her to the dance last year when Diane was sick. Why? CHELSEA (on the phone) David, sheís dead. DAVID (on the phone) Youíre pulling my leg! CHELSEA (on the phone) No, Iím not. DAVID (on the phone) I thought she was in the hospital. CHELSEA (on the phone) She was in the ICU unit when someone stabbed her. DAVID (on the phone) No oneís even allowed to go back there. How could the killer get in? CHELSEA (on the phone) I donít know. DAVID (on the phone) This is unnerving. Dianeís mom works as a nurse in intensive care. CHELSEA (on the phone) Dianeís mom is the killer? DAVID (on the phone) No. Iím not saying itís Diane, but sometimes she goes to work with her mom. CHELSEA (on the phone) One thing though. The car chasing me wasnít Dianeís. Some crazy guy is seeking out your ex-girlfriends. Someone has to warn them. DAVID (on the phone) I hope I donít have to tell you about all the girls I dated. CHELSEA (on the phone) Two years ago I remember you were going out with Rachel Norman. Right? DAVID (on the phone) All Iím concerned about is you. No one better lay their hands on you. CHELSEA (on the phone) I really donít want to be cut up by a knife. EXT. JENKINS HOUSE - THE NEXT DAY A pretty girl, SARA JENKINS (16) is washing a car that looks way too expensive to be hers. Sheís humming. Someone attacks her with a knife from behind and slits her throat. The water hose falls on her face and the water washes her blood down the driveway. EXT. JULIEíS HOME Chelsea knocks on the door. Julie answers and Vanessaís voice is in the background. VANESSA (O.C.) What is she doing here? CHELSEA I thought we were supposed to go Christmas shopping? JULIE Iíd love to go with you, but Vanessa is still upset from being in jail. She blames you... CHELSEA I understand. JULIE Iím not mad at you though, I promise. CHELSEA No, of course not. Would you go with me later? JULIE Iím going to be at the mall all day today, so I wonít really feel like it. Ask one of your other friends. CHELSEA You, Vanessa, and Kelsey were my best friends. JULIE You could ask David. CHELSEA Heís out of town. JULIE Or Greg. He has a crush on you. CHELSEA I know heís not the killer. Vanessa appears behind Julie. VANESSA Can you tell her to leave already? CHELSEA Okay, Iíll go. Sorry Vanessa! (to Julie) I guess Iíll call Sara. Chelsea walks away from the front of the house to call Sara. CHELSEA (CONTíD) (on the phone) Hello, Mrs. Jenkins, may I speak to Sara? INT. JENKINS HOME - CONTINUOUS MARLENE JENKINS, a nicely dressed woman in her early forties opens the kitchen window. MARLENE Oh, Sara! She sees her daughter, Sara, lying in a pool of blood with the water running. She drops the phone and runs out the garage door screaming. MARLENE Sara! My baby! EXT. JULIEíS HOME - CONTINUOUS CHELSEA Hello? Hello? INT. MALL Chelsea and Greg are shopping. GREG So does this mean Iím your boyfriend? CHELSEA Youíre more like my bodyguard. GREG Oh great. Are you still with David? CHELSEA Yeah, I guess. GREG Will he get jealous of me? CHELSEA Thereís no reason he should. She sees a clothing store. CHELSEA (CONTíD) Oh Greg, letís go here. GREG Sure. CHELSEA You really donít mind shopping with me? GREG No, itís cool. Greg and Chelsea walk in the store and Chelsea starts looking at a fashionable pink shirt. She continues and looks at the accessories, etc. CHELSEA I donít really have to get many Christmas presents. Vanessa is mad at me, Kelsey and Grace are dead, so that just leaves mom, dad, and maybe Julie. GREG Wait, I donít get anything? Chelsea thinks. GREG (CONTíD) Nah, forget it. You donít even like me. CHELSEA I like you as a friend, sure. GREG Could we be anything more than friends? CHELSEA (mad) Greg, you know Iím with David. Just back off. GREG Listen, Iím sorry. CHELSEA Itís okay. Iím under a lot of stress right now. GREG I know. I just thought that you asked me to go to the mall with you, because you had a secret crush on me or something. CHELSEA Itís weird. All of Davidís ex-girlfriends are turning up dead. And since Iím dating him right now, I figure, I could be next. GREG Do you have any suspects? CHELSEA I thought Diane. Sheís the jealous type. But someone told me itís probably a male killer. GREG Could it be David? CHELSEA Heís out of town. Besides, even if he were here, he wouldnít be the sort. GREG The police are jerks. Why canít they find the killer? CHELSEA It seems he or sheís going after Davidís ex-girlfriends. GREG Wait, Kelsey wasnít his ex. CHELSEA Yeah, but David admitted that he had a crush on her. GREG Gross, and now heís dating her best friend? CHELSEA Hey, donít diss him. It would be great if we could put a list of his ex-girlfriends together so we could warn them. GREG Itís not you, is it? CHELSEA I wish it was. Iíd turn myself in and have it over with. GREG You donít have an alternate personality that takes over, like you turn into a wolf man or your dead mother? CHELSEA What? No. GREG So ask David about his ex-girlfriends. But it must be painful to talk to him about them. CHELSEA Not really. I asked him, but he blew me off. He only admitted to seeing Grace Arnette when I told him she was dead. I asked him about Rachel Norman, but he didnít confirm. I should call her. GREG Hmm. I thought he went out with Sara Jenkins for a couple weeks. CHELSEA (panicking) Sara? GREG Yeah, why. CHELSEA Oh no. I have an awful feeling. GREG What? CHELSEA Before I called you to go shopping, I tried getting in touch with Sara. GREG Yeah? CHELSEA And Saraís mother called for her, and then the line went dead. GREG If anything happened, weíd be too late to stop it. But letís see. Greg and Chelsea exit the mall. EXT. JENKINS HOME - MOMENTS LATER Greg and Chelsea peek at the crime scene. The police have outlined the position of where Saraís body was. Marlene Jenkins, still sobbing, is holding her husband, OFFICER JENKINS (mid-forties). GREG Letís scram. EXT. NORMAN HOUSE Chelsea and Greg are standing outside the front door. CHELSEA You ring the door bell. GREG No, you ring it. Chelsea groans, then rings the doorbell. RACHEL, a pretty, blonde, 17ish answers the door. RACHEL Hello? What do you want? Are you selling Girl Scout cookies or something? CHELSEA You tell her. GREG No, you tell her. CHELSEA I rung the doorbell. And it would sound weird coming from me. You tell her. GREG Okay, Rachel, itís like this. You dated David for awhile right? RACHEL Yeah, I dated David Prescott. Then I dated David Henry. Also David Caldwell. Which David are you talking about? CHELSEA David Caldwell. RACHEL Yeah, itís been awhile. So? CHELSEA You might be in danger. You know the girls who were murdered? All of them were somehow linked to David. RACHEL I knew that guy was no good. Thatís why I dumped him. GREG We donít think itís David. We think it might be his crazy ex-girlfriend. CHELSEA Davidís out of town. RACHEL Okay now, if I see some crazy chick Iíll run in the other direction. Now, do you want anything else? Iím busy. GREG Uh, no, thatís it. Thanks for your time. Rachel shuts the door in their face, obviously not believing their crazy warning. Greg and Rachel walk away dismayed. GREG I wish we could get a list of all the girls that David dated. But he wonít talk and we donít know any seniors. CHELSEA I do. Grace Arnetteís brother, Steve. GREG He might not know who David went out with. CHELSEA Heíd probably have a better idea than us. INT. CHELSEAíS HOUSE - MOMENTS LATER Chelsea and Greg are going over the list of girls David has dated. CHELSEA Wow, thatís a lot of girls. GREG Are you jealous? CHELSEA No. Heís with me now. GREG For how long though? CHELSEA Why are you trying to sabotage my relationship? My parents said I couldnít date him, but I think theyíll understand when they calm down. GREG What if heís the killer? Thatís a possibility. CHELSEA You were with me at the party. You know he was in the restroom. GREG Well, whoever the killer is, we have to warn these girls. CHELSEA Rachel Norman didnít seem to think we were serious. If she isnít careful, sheíll be the next one. GREG From the way youíre talking, someone might think youíre the killer. CHELSEA Iím getting into this, I admit. I canít remember when thereís been this much excitement before. GREG Whoíd ever think excitement was a bad thing? EXT. NORMAN HOUSE - EVENING Rachel walks out of her house and locks the door. She goes to her car which is parked on the street. She tries starting it, but the gas gauge reads empty. Frustrated, she gets out of the car, and starts walking instead. She seems okay at first, but then she checks over her shoulder to make sure no one is behind her. All of a sudden, it gets dark, as night has finally fallen. Rachel increases her pace to the point where she starts running. Rachel reaches the main street and spots a bus bench. Fully exhausted, she sits down for a moment. She hears something rustling and turns around in panic. Nothing is there. INT. GRANDMAíS HOUSE - THAT SAME NIGHT Grandma, Davidís parents, and David are at the dinner table. GRANDMA So Janine told me after her operation, she just couldnít travel anymore. David gets up from the table. DAVID Could I be excused, please? I wanna call one of my friends. GRANDMA Of course. DAVIDíS MOM Donít use Grandmaís phone too long David. David ignores his mother and goes to his room to dial Chelseaís number. There are intercuts between David at his grandmaís and Chelsea in her room. DAVID (on the phone) Chelsea? CHELSEA (on the phone) David? DAVID (on the phone) I have to tell you something. CHELSEA (on the phone) Me too. Sara Jenkins was murdered this afternoon. DAVID (on the phone) By who? CHELSEA (on the phone) I donít know. DAVID (on the phone) That makes Kelsey, Grace, and now Sara? CHELSEA (on the phone) Yes. Iím so scared. DAVID (on the phone) Iíve thought about it. I love you. CHELSEA (on the phone) I know. DAVID (on the phone) Thatís why I have to break up with you. CHELSEA (on the phone) What!? DAVID (on the phone) Obviously, I donít want to. But itís the best thing right now. We canít even be together and I donít want any harm to come to you because of me. CHELSEA (on the phone) David, is there something you know that you should tell me? DAVID (on the phone) No. I just figure, you shouldnít reveal to anyone else that we were together. If anyone asks about you, Iíll say we never dated and I made the whole thing up. CHELSEA (on the phone) Youíve already told everyone weíre dating. You said so. DAVID (on the phone) I actually havenít told anyone, not even my parents. And especially not the police. Chelsea starts to cry. CHELSEA (on the phone) I knew it. I knew youíd come up with some excuse. My parents told me to break up with you because youíre a senior. I was going to stay with you because I thought it was unfair, but youíre a loser! Chelsea continues to cry and slams down the phone. The phone rings again, but she doesnít answer. She cries herself to sleep. EXT. BUS STOP Rachel is still waiting at the bus stop out of breath. She heads in the direction of her home. Still paranoid, she turns around to look behind her. This time she sees something. She starts running and screams. A dark figure runs after her and overtakes her. The face of the dark figure isnít shown, but there is no way the killer could be female. The killer pulls out a knife and slashes Rachelís pretty face. She is screaming all the while. No neighbors turn on the lights and no cars drive by. There are no witnesses. INT. GRANDMAíS HOUSE David is back at the dinner table, where his mom is clearing the dishes. Davidís Dad and Grandma are still at the table. DAVID Dad, I canít stay here at grandmaís. Iím needed by my friends back home. DAVIDíS DAD You canít just leave! Itís almost Christmas. DAVID Iím sorry, I have to go. DAVIDíS DAD Youíll get coal in your stocking if you leave this house. DAVID I donít care about presents. Merry Christmas! David runs out of his grandmaís house and to his car to drive back home. INT. CHELSEAíS HOUSE - THE NEXT DAY Chelsea has the front door open and STEVE ARNETTE, 18, a dark-haired jock is waiting to be let in. CHELSEA Steve, what a pleasant surprise. STEVE Are your parents home? CHELSEA Yeah, why? STEVE Oh. I was just wondering if that list I gave you helped any. CHELSEA Yes, it did. Greg and I warned Rachel Norman, but she died. STEVE I saw the papers. CHELSEA Thatís just awful. I wouldnít wish what happened to her on anyone, but she just blew Greg and I off like she thought we were nuts. STEVE So howís it going with David? Chelsea lets off steam. CHELSEA Oh my gosh. He dumped me last night. Saying he was going to deny ever dating me. STEVE I canít believe you arenít more upset. CHELSEA I got it out of my system last night. You know what the funny thing is? We never actually went on a date. I wonder if that still makes me a target? STEVE Kelsey and Dave never went out on a date, but sheís dead. CHELSEA Thatís just too weird. STEVE Do you want to hang out today? CHELSEA Iíd love to, but Iím hanging out with Greg today. And my parents have decided they donít like me hanging around seniors. STEVE Thatís too bad. I could walk you to Gregís house, though. CHELSEA No, heís meeting me here in a few. Greg walks up Chelseaís driveway. CHELSEA (CONTíD) In fact, there he is now. STEVE I better take off. See you Chelsea. See you Greg. Steve takes off. GREG What was that all about? CHELSEA I donít know. He acted like he wanted to hang out with me. I donít know why he didnít just call me. GREG What did he want? CHELSEA I donít know. Heís probably sad that Grace died. He probably thought I could cheer him up since I was close to Kelsey and she died too. GREG Thereís something weird about him. CHELSEA I donít know what youíre talking about. So, do you want to go over to Ilene and Abbyís? Those are two more girls we have to warn. GREG Iím sick of warning chicks who wonít listen and turn up dead anyway. I still think Diane has to be the killer. CHELSEA I hope David is the killer and they lock him away for life. One moment heís saying he loves me, and the next heís saying heíll renounce me in front of everyone. GREG David was at his grandmotherís house. CHELSEA Yeah, but itís only two hours away. What if he came back during the night and stabbed Rachel? And what if he somehow got away during the day to stab Sara? GREG And what about Grace in the ICU and Kelsey at the party? We both knew he was downstairs the entire time. And thatís a lot of driving heíd have to do. CHELSEA Iím sick of this. I just wish it were over. If the killerís going to get me, I wish he take out his knife and kill me right now. David appears at the door. DAVID Hi, Chelsea. CHELSEA David, what are you doing here? I donít want to see you. DAVID Iím sorry about last night. I came back to protect you. GREG Well, Iíd better be going. CHELSEA No, donít leave! (to David) You canít just walk back into my life right now. I made plans with Greg already. DAVID Chelsea, you donít even know how much Iíve wanted to go out with you. For all you know, Greg could be the killer. CHELSEA David, Greg was with me when we I heard Vanessa and Julieís screams. DAVID He could have murdered Kelsey right before. They didnít discover Kelsey the moment she walked upstairs. CHELSEA Greg started talking to me the moment Kelsey walked upstairs. Itís not Greg. It could be you for all I know. Iím not going anywhere alone with you. GREG Alright, letís stop fighting. We have to warn Ilene and Abby about the killer. DAVID Theyíve seen the papers. They know thereís a killer. CHELSEA (to David) Yeah, but they donít know that the murderer is targeting your ex-girlfriends. GREG Wanna go with us? DAVID No, not really. I broke up with Ilene and Jessica for a reason. GREG Whoís Jessica? DAVID Didnít you say Ilene and Jessica? GREG No, Ilene and Abby. Whoís Jessica? INT. JESSICAíS HOUSE JESSICA, 17, the cute red-haired girl Davidís Dad was referring to earlier, hugs her mother, MRS. REYNOLDS. JESSICA Bye Mom. MRS. REYNOLDS Be safe. JESSICA I always am! I just have to do some Christmas shopping and then Iím going to Maryanneís to wrap it, so you donít see your presents! MRS. REYNOLDS I wouldnít look. JESSICA Just in case, Mom. Love you, bye. Jessica gets in the Range Rover sitting in the driveway and drives off. A few moments later Mrs. Reynolds discovers that Jessica left her sparkling pink phone on the counter. MRS. REYNOLDS I hope Jess doesnít run into an emergency. I promise not to worry myself to death. Nothing will happen. INT. GREGíS CAR Greg, David, and Chelsea are en route to Jessicaís house. DAVID I dated Jessica right before Diane. They were best friends. I mean Jess was nice and all, but once I met Diane, I knew I had to break up with Jessica. That threw her for a loop and we literally do not talk to each other anymore. CHELSEA You can stay in the car if you want. DAVID Make a left here. Greg is driving faster than usual and the tires screech when he makes the turn. GREG And you donít have her phone number. DAVID Iíve forgotten it. GREG But you remember where she lives. DAVID The white house on the right. Greg pulls up to the white house. David stays in the car, while Greg and Chelsea walk up to the house and ring the doorbell. Mrs. Reynolds answers. GREG Is Jessica Reynolds home? MRS. REYNOLDS No, but Iím her mother. Is everything okay? CHELSEA Yeah, we were just stopping by. Do you know when sheíll be back? MRS. REYNOLDS Sheís going to be out all day. Then sheís staying at a friendís house for the night. CHELSEA Do you know which friendís house sheís at? MRS. REYNOLDS You shouldnít end a sentence with ďatĒ. And I wonít tell you where she is. Iíll call her at her friendís house and ask her to ring you. CHELSEA She doesnít know me... MRS. REYNOLDS Yes, thatís what Iím afraid of. Whatís going on? Is that David Caldwell in your car? That boy has caused my darling nothing but trouble. CHELSEA Itís really hard to explain, but we feel that Jessica has to be extra safe now, because the killer is targeting certain girls. Jessica could be next. Mrs. Reynolds freaks out. MRS. REYNOLDS Iím sorry, I need to make a phone call. INT. JESSICAíS HOUSE Mrs. Reynolds picks up the phone. MRS. REYNOLDS Hello, Maryanne? This is Mrs. Reynolds. Will you call me as soon as Jessica gets to your house? ... What do you mean sheís not supposed to be coming over? EXT. SECLUDED PARK Jessica is canoodling with a handsome senior, JARED (18). A cell phone rings and Jared reaches into his back pocket. JARED (on the phone) Whoa, you got tix for tonight? Do you have two extra? ... Oh, just one? Jared casts an apologetic look at Jessica. Jessica is horrified that he might run off on her. Jared closes his cell phone. JARED (CONTíD) Sorry, babe. Iíve been dying to see this hot band. We can meet up some other time. JESSICA I lied to my mother for you. If I ever get caught, Iím going to be in such trouble. So remind me why I go through all this hassle, so you can walk out on me to see some shitty band? JARED I donít dig high maintenance. JESSICA Iím not high maintenance. JARED If I say you are, you are. I donít need the drama. JESSICA Youíre not going to just leave me here? JARED I need to go now. See you later biyatch. Jessica is left all alone in the park. All is quiet. She lets out a sigh of frustration as she searches through her purse. JESSICA Whereís my cell phone? Jessica hears a faint sound, a ringtone in a minor key. JESSICA (CONTíD) Is that my phone? No it isnít. A dark figure tackles her to the ground and rolls over her. Jessica gets up and starts running, but the man (whose face we cannot see) grabs her hand and cuts it deeply with his knife. She pulls back her hand. The killer grabs her by the throat and starts to slice her face. She falls to the ground and he slices her throat too. Blood gets everywhere and this is by far the most brutal of all the murders. The killer checks his cell phone whose LCD screen reads: ď1 MISSED CALL - DIANEĒ INT. MALL Diane and her friend, BRI (18) are sipping shakes at a table in the food court. Dianeís cell rings. She looks at her caller ID and doesnít answer the phone. BRI Who was it? DIANE Just some guy. BRI Oh, new love interest? Who? DIANE This guy who keeps asking me out. Iím not really interested. BRI Who? You have to tell me who! DIANE I donít really want to say. I went out with him right after I broke up with David. He seemed cool, but then I realized he wasnít worth it. He got really upset and I was glad that I didnít waste my time on a psycho like that. BRI You need to tell me who. Diane ignores Bri. DIANE Then I got bored over Christmas break, and decided to call him back. But then you called me to hang out and I really donít want to get together with this creep anymore. All he talks about is horror movies. BRI You donít have to go with him. But I wish youíd tell me who it is. Diane whispers his name in Briís ear. Bri shrieks. BRI (CONTíD) If you donít go out with him, I will! He is so cute. DIANE Thatís what I thought. Some guys are so not worth it though. A SANTA approaches Diane and Briís table. SANTA Extra change for the Salvation Army? DIANE I hate Christmas. Itís so commercial. Everyone looking to get rich, even Santa. Diane stuffs her empty drink container in Santaís money bucket and walks off with Bri. INT. GREGíS CAR Greg is driving with David in the passenger seat. Chelseaís in the back. CHELSEA I like to think that I was meant for something, but I donít know. Iíd love to be on the front page of the newspaper, but not because Iím dead. DAVID Chelsea, would you listen to yourself? Youíll be fine. Youíre not going to die. CHELSEA And Iím scared for everyone else. DAVID Chelsea, I thought I cared about you and everything, but I really hate the fact that youíve been tracking down all my ex-girlfriends. Itís fine if youíre concerned about yourself, but it looks really weird that you called Sara right before she died. You visited Rachel right before she died. And today you were at Jessicaís house right before she died. CHELSEA If you didnít know better, youíd think I was the killer. DAVID I donít know any better. Listen, Greg, can you take me home? CHELSEA David, what happened to you wanting to protect me? DAVID I donít know. I always get mixed up with these crazy girls. Iíd like to keep you safe, but I have my own hide to worry about. You donít even care that Iím in a lot of trouble because I chose to leave my parents to make sure youíre ok. You donít even care. You want to hang out with my ex-girlfriends. CHELSEA Thatís not true! I do care. But I didnít ask you to come back here. Greg arrives outside Davidís house. David opens the passenger door and slams it. DAVID Donít call me me. David walks away from the car to his house. Chelsea climbs in the passengerís seat. GREG Iím sorry about your boyfriend. CHELSEA Heís not my boyfriend anymore. GREG Donít say that. Youíll make up. CHELSEA I donít have any feelings for him. Itís all gone. GREG I have an idea. No, wait youíre a girl. CHELSEA No, I can handle it, what? GREG Itís not that you canít handle it. I donít think youíd be interested. CHELSEA Tell me. GREG Whenever Iím feeling really stressed out I go to the batting cage. But youíre a girl... CHELSEA Hey, I used to be part of a softball team way, way back. I miss it. Iíd love to go with you. EXT. BATTING CAGE Chelsea and Greg are waiting on a bench. Chelsea kisses Gregís cheek. GREG What did you do that for? CHELSEA I thought you liked me. GREG I do, but you like David. Youíre kissing me, wishing I was him. Chelsea pulls back. CHELSEA Thatís not true. I like you. A BATTING GUY motions that itís their turn to bat. Greg hits a couple balls and misses a couple, obviously frustrated. Heís ruining his time with Chelsea. Chelsea comes to bat next and hits two balls in a row. GREG (mumbles) Youíre doing good. The next ball shoots out and hits Chelsea hard on the arm. There is no blood, but she shrieks and falls over. EXT. ROAD Greg and Chelsea are rushing to the hospital. Her arm is badly hurt. INT. HOSPITAL - WAITING ROOM Greg is sitting in a chair, and Chelsea appears with her arm in a cast. GREG Iím really sorry about this. CHELSEA Itís not your fault. The batting cage was fun. GREG Iíd say ďwe have to do it again,Ē but Iíd be scared youíd get hit again. CHELSEA I was a little out of practice. Steve Arnette walks by. CHELSEA (CONTíD) Steve! What are you doing here? Steve is obviously startled. STEVE Oh, nothing. Gregís interest is piqued. He opens his mouth to speak. STEVE (CONTíD) What happened to your arm? CHELSEA Batting accident. STEVE I had no idea you were a sports pro. CHELSEA Iím not. Just look at me. GREG It was my idea to go batting. Smart of me, right? CHELSEA No, I had fun. I mean, well, Steve what are you doing here? STEVE I just have an appointment. Nothing too serious. Itís kind of embarrassing actually. Grief counseling. Itís because of Grace. CHELSEA You know, I thought your sister was wonderful. If thereís anything I can do for you, please call me. STEVE Really, Iím okay. Itís this thing my parents are making me do, you know? But yeah, Iíd love to get together with you sometime. Youíve always seemed so sweet to me. Hey, I better get going. Steve takes off. GREG You like that guy? CHELSEA I mean, as a friend, yes. GREG You better be careful. I think heís interested in you. CHELSEA Maybe. But I wouldnít be jealous if I were you. Youíre my guy. GREG I wouldnít go out with you. Iíd know that youíre just settling for me, when you want to be with David. CHELSEA Would you cut that out? You know thatís not true. If my arm was okay, Iíd hit you. GREG What about your other arm? Chelsea tries to hit him and he runs down the hall to the elevator. A stern looking DOCTOR glares at Greg and Chelsea. DOCTOR No running down the hall. Greg and Chelsea try to keep straight faces until the nurse passes; then they crack up laughing. GREG You know, Steve went to the psych section of the hospital. Maybe heís crazy. CHELSEA You heard him. He went there for counseling. GREG I dunno. Thereís something weird about that guy. Maybe not weird enough to be the killer. CHELSEA He wouldnít have killed his own sister, moron. GREG I donít know, stranger things have happened. Chelseaís phone rings. CHELSEA Greg, can you answer that? Greg takes the cell phone from Chelseaís small purse. GREG Hey Julie? Itís Greg ... Oh, I think Iím going to puke. Greg ends the call. GREG (CONTíD) Julie said Jessica was found dead in the park. CHELSEA Oh, thatís awful. GREG Her neck and face sliced. CHELSEA How could anyone do something so terrible? GREG Come on, Iíll take you home. Greg and Chelsea get in the elevator and ride down. CHELSEA I really donít want to go home to be with my parents. Theyíll just remind me how Iím never going to throw another party at my house again. GREG Even if they let you, Iím sure no one would want to go after what happened last time. Greg and Chelsea walk out to Gregís car. CHELSEA Last week, I was so looking forward to Christmas vacation, and buying presents and hanging out with Kelsey. Now, my life is totally different. I thought my sophomore year was the worst when we moved from Connecticut to California, but my junior year is definitely the worst. GREG They say senior year is pretty bad too. CHELSEA Oh, Iím sure it canít compare. Chelsea and Greg hit the parking lot. CHELSEA (CONTíD) Greg, thereís a car that looks exactly like the one that tried to hit me. The same exact black car is parked in the hospital lot. GREG Do you remember if the license plate is the same? CHELSEA It was dark, and I was fearing for my life. Are there any dents on this car? Greg inspects it. There is some paint on the front passengerís side of the car that doesnít match up. GREG Looks like a botched paint job. CHELSEA This has to be the car. Get the license plate number. Greg writes down the number. CHELSEA (CONTíD) Should we call the police? GREG No, they always screw things up. I think we should look up who it is ourselves. I have a friend whose mom works at the DMV. Iíll check. CHELSEA Call him now. GREG Actually, itís a her. Okay. Greg takes out his cell and dials. GREG (CONTíD) Hey, Bri. I need you to check out a license for me. INT. CHELSEAíS HOUSE Greg and Chelsea are sipping hot cocoa with marshmallows. Gregís cell rings and he answers. GREG I should have guessed. Greg ends the call. GREG (CONTíD) Youíll never believe whose car that was. Never in a million years. CHELSEA Who? GREG Guess. CHELSEA I canít. This is unfair. Tell me. GREG We saw him at the hospital. CHELSEA Not Steve. GREG Yes. CHELSEA Then itís a mistake. Steveís car is the same make and model as the killerís car. But itís not him. GREG What about the new paint job? CHELSEA Think. His sister Grace got in a car accident. Maybe he fixed the car up himself. GREG Dude, Graceís car must have been totalled. She went to the hospital over it. I assume the car would have been in worse shape. The Arnettes have enough money to give each of their kids a car. CHELSEA I donít think Steveís the killer, but it seemed that he was trying to get me alone. GREG Then he wasnít interested in you. He just wanted to kill you. CHELSEA But he wasnít at my party. I did invite him, though. GREG He must have been. You just didnít see him. CHELSEA With all those people, youíd think someone would have seen him. EXT. SKATEBOARDING PARK Chelsea and Greg are talking to Ethan. ETHAN Steve Arnette? Dude, I didnít see him. I saw David though. GREG Upstairs? ETHAN No, I was the one that let him in. He didnít have the decency to bring booze. GREG Are you stoned? ETHAN Yeah, but I know what Iím talking about. INT. JULIEíS HOME Chelsea and Greg are talking with Julie. JULIE Steve Arnette? I didnít see him there. CHELSEA Remember the guy who tried to run us off the road? JULIE Um, YEAH. CHELSEA I think itís Steve Arnetteís car. JULIE Maybe you better tell the police. CHELSEA Last time the police got involved, Vanessa was held over night. Remember that? Now she wonít even speak to me. What if the police arrest Steve and itís not even him? JULIE What if it is Steve and he keeps killing girls? What then? CHELSEA I just donít understand what his motive would be. JULIE What do you mean? CHELSEA It seems the girls that were getting knocked off were involved with David some way or another. JULIE I wouldnít say you were involved with David. You didnít even make it on a date with him, did you? Youíre not dead. CHELSEA Yet. I think that car was after me that night. JULIE Then call the police. CHELSEA But I donít understand. Why would Steve target Davidís girlfriends? JULIE I donít know, Nancy Drew. Why donít you ask him? GREG Thanks, Julie. CHELSEA I guess Iíd better get going. Call me if you find out anything. INT. BRIíS ROOM Bri is getting ready for a Christmas party, when thereís a knock at the door. Sheís wearing a festive red dress with a white furry lining and red light bulb earrings. Briís Mom, a kind, inviting woman in her late thirties cracks open the door. BRIíS MOM Honey? BRI Yes? Briís Mom enters the room. BRIíS MOM You know I trust you. And when I was your age, I didnít think my parents understood. But Iím wondering, why did you need the license plate information this afternoon? Steve Arnette, is he a good guy? BRI Yeah, ironically, I think heís seeing Diane right now. But my friend Greg asked about it. He said a car was following his friend, but Iím sure he just made that excuse up. I donít know what the deal is. BRIíS MOM Iím just concerned because itís Christmas and all these young girls are getting killed. Bri, I love you and I want you to be careful. BRI Yeah, of course Mom. BRIíS MOM Youíre going to hate me for this, but I canít let you go to the party tonight. Iíd never forgive myself if anything happened... BRI But Mom! What about Diane? Am I just going to let her go by herself? BRIíS MOM I know it seems unfair. But if I lost you, I wouldnít be able to bear it. Call Diane and say you canít go. Invite her over here for a sleepover if you want. I rented GONE WITH THE WIND for us and Iím making my special caramel popcorn. Briís Mom kisses Bri on the cheek then leaves the room. Bri starts crying and ruins her makeup. She runs to the pink phone by her bed and dials. BRI Di, I canít make it tonight. Momís being a bitch. I know. I want to go so bad. You can come over here if you want, but I know you wonít. Bri slams the phone. BRI (screams) Youíre ruining my life Mom! EXT. DIANEíS HOUSE Steve Arnette is waiting outside in his black car and honks twice. Diane is wearing the green version of the dress Bri had on. STEVE Ready? DIANE Yeah. STEVE You look so pretty. DIANE Thank you. STEVE Did you dress up like this for David? DIANE Steve. Knock it off, Iím upset. STEVE At me? DIANE No, well, yes. And Bri canít make it to the party, so Iím pissed. STEVE I have an idea. Steve keeps driving. DIANE Where are we going? This isnít the way. STEVE I know. I figured we could have some alone time now that weíre dating. DIANE I only got together with you because I felt sorry for you and because this is the most boring Christmas break ever. I mean, like, I was planning to hang out with Sara, but I canít because sheís dead. Pardon me, but I donít really want to go anywhere with you alone. Steve doesnít listen to her and goes faster. STEVE You know Diane, I felt sorry for you. I thought I had misjudged you and that this all was a misunderstanding. But I was right. You donít really care about me. And I donít take rejection well. Thatís one of the issues Iím trying to deal with in therapy right now. DIANE Stop the car. Iím getting out. Steve only starts speeding more. Diane screams. She takes her cell out of her purse and dials Briís number. Steve grabs the phone and throws it out the window. Soon they arrive in the deserted parking lot at the park. DIANE (CONTíD) Please! Iíll do anything. STEVE Good, then listen. I donít know if you remember sophomore year. I was the nerdy kid in class. DIANE I donít remember that. Youíre not nerdy. STEVE Shut up! I had the biggest crush on you, but you never looked twice at me. I had never taken an interest in my personal appearance before. I cut the glasses, got a decent wardrobe and worked out to make the track team. By the time I got all that done, you started to see David. I figured Iíd wait to ask you out until one of you dumped each other. That never happened until right before Christmas break. You and David had the nastiest split. According to David, you were so upset you threatened to kill all his ex-girlfriends. DIANE I did not! STEVE Quiet! Everyone knows about that. So. I asked you out. You said yes. Then you ignored my calls. DIANE I was busy! STEVE Shut up! I was so upset that I decided to kill all Davidís ex-girlfriends and pin it on you. DIANE YOU! STEVE But the trouble with that was there was no evidence linking you to the crime except verbal threats from you. I even killed my own sister to make it look plausible. DIANE Please, please, Iíll go out with you. Just donít hurt any more people. STEVE I really didnít want to hurt anyone. Especially not Grace. And I donít care what you say now. I know you donít love me. I know youíd never go out with me. I know youíd turn me into the police. So Iím going to have to kill you. Diane screams and runs out of the car. Steve chases her and grabs her arm so she canít break free. With his other hand he pulls out a switchblade. DIANE No, no, not with that! I donít want to die. Steve tosses the switchblade on the ground. STEVE I donít want to kill you. I want to love you. Steve embraces Diane in what is the most uncomfortable thing Diane has ever had to go through. Steve pulls out a bigger knife and twists it in Dianeís neck. Blood oozes out and she falls to the ground. STEVE (CONTíD) Goodbye, my sweet. Steve closes her eyelids and stands above her body for a moment. He laughs from insanity and goes back to his car. INT. CHELSEAíS HOUSE It is dark and Chelsea is asleep. Suddenly, she wakes up screaming uncontrollably. She doesnít know that sheís had a nightmare and continues to scream. Mrs. Camden enters her room and turns on the light. MRS. CAMDEN Chelsea! Wake up. Chelsea sits up in her bed. CHELSEA (disoriented) Mom. MRS. CAMDEN What on earth is the matter? CHELSEA I had the most terrible dream. I dreamed that he stabbed me again and again, but I wouldnít die. You know in dreams when you donít feel the pain? Somehow in this dream, I did, like it was happening. I was suffocating, unable to breathe. Mrs. Camden reassuring holds her daughter. MRS. CAMDEN Itís okay; youíre alright. I wish we had never left Connecticut. Your father got promoted and we were so excited, but if anything ever happened to you, Iíd never forgive myself. CHELSEA Mom, I know who the murderer is. MRS. CAMDEN Youíre still upset. Iíll make you some warm tea and then you can go back to sleep. Then youíll wake up and itíll be Christmas Eve. You have lots of presents under the tree. Iíll be right back. Mrs. Camden walks out of the room. Chelsea gets out of bed. CHELSEA No, Mom, donít leave! Chelsea checks her cell phone, which reads: ď1 MISSED CALL - GREGĒ She calls Greg. GREG (O.C.) (on the phone) Chelsea? Iíve been trying to reach you all night. CHELSEA (on the phone) Whatís the matter? GREG Diane is dead. They found her in the same park where Jessica was murdered. Same brutal murder. Apparently, she was supposed to go with Steve to some party. Bri said Diane tried calling her around 8:45, which would have been moments before her murder. Nobody knows the whereabouts of Steve Arnette. CHELSEA I had this terrifying nightmare. It was so real. Steve Arnette slashed me. GREG Calm down. Do you want me to come over? Chelsea checks the clock. CHELSEA Itís one in the morning. No. GREG Donít answer the door. Donít do anything. CHELSEA I wonít. Besides, my parents are here. There are footsteps approaching Chelseaís door. CHELSEA (CONTíD) I better go. Iíll call you in the morning, Greg. GREG Ciao. Chelsea ends the call. Mrs. Camden enters with a tea tray. MRS. CAMDEN Here Chelsea, this should make you feel better. Chelsea climbs back into bed. Still dazed, she falls asleep before tasting her tea. The next morning, she wakes to find the tea tray still there, with a note that reads: TOOK DAD TO THE HOSPITAL. CALL ME. LOVE, MOM Chelsea worriedly looks out her window. Steveís car is in the driveway. A noise is heard from downstairs. Someone is trying to pick the lock of the front door. Glass crashes. Steve has broken the front window to get in the house. Chelsea locks her bedroom door. She starts moving her bed in front of the door. An axe comes through the door, narrowly missing Chelseaís head. Chelsea screams and finds Gregís number on her cell. CHELSEA Greg, my house quick. No time to explain. Chelsea screams again as Steve enters the room. She flings her cell phone at Steveís face, but Steve uses his axe to block it from hitting him. CHELSEA (CONTíD) Steve, no, we can talk about this. Chelsea starts crying. CHELSEA (CONTíD) My dadís in the hospital. You didnít put him there? STEVE No, I donít know what youíre talking about. Chelsea, this is very serious. Iíve killed several girls. I have nothing more to lose. I must kill you too. CHELSEA Steve, I always thought you were a wonderful person. I felt so sorry for you when Grace died. STEVE I donít need pity. I killed my sister. Iím a psychopath and psychopaths have no conscience. Thatís why I killed Diane last night. CHELSEA You didnít! STEVE I did. I tried so hard to make her love me. Now I know Iím incapable of being loved. I must not be able to love anyone, because I killed the only person I thought I loved. CHELSEA Steve, you can stop now. You can redeem yourself. STEVE I donít like it when chicks beg for their lives. Diane did. Now you are. And that really bugs me. Steve swings the axe one more time, but Greg bursts into the room with a gun. GREG Drop the freaking weapon! Steve ignores the fact that Greg has a gun and swings the axe in Gregís direction. Greg fires in Steveís face. Gregís weapon is only a cap gun, so the noise only temporarily startles Steve. Chelsea runs out her bedroom door and down the stairs to escape. Inside, Greg grabs a lamp and goes for Steveís head. This time, Steve is unconscious. Greg exits the house as quickly as possible to meet up with Chelsea. GREG (CONTíD) Get in my car. Itís unlocked. CHELSEA Go to the hospital. GREG Are you hurt? CHELSEA No, but my dad is. Thatís my why parents werenít home. They just left me at home. Greg hands Chelsea his cell. GREG Call the police. Tell them Steve Arnette is the killer and heís unconscious inside your house. CHELSEA Okay. INT. HOSPITAL Mr. Camden is in a hospital bed with Mrs. Camden. An empty bed is on the other side of the room. Chelsea and Greg walk in. CHELSEA (upset) Mom, why did you leave me? MRS. CAMDEN You dad had a very bad pain and asked to be taken to the hospital. You know how Dad hates doctors, so I knew something was wrong. Daddy has a kidney stone. CHELSEA A kidney stone?! Mom, someone broke into the front window and tried to kill me! MRS. CAMDEN Oh poor baby! Did you call the police? CHELSEA Yes, I called the police! Steve Arnette is lying unconscious in my room. MRS. CAMDEN Whatís Steve doing unconscious in your room? CHELSEA Mom, Steve tried to kill me. Right before, he told me he had killed Diane. MRS. CAMDEN This was your nightmare last night? CHELSEA No Mom, this really happened. MRS. CAMDEN I donít know. You thought your nightmare last night was real. GREG Itís true, Mrs. Camden. I was there. MRS. CAMDEN Thank you and everything, David, but Chelsea, youíre not allowed to date seniors. CHELSEA Mom, this is Greg. Heís a junior, like me. MRS. CAMDEN Well, then. Itís alright. Thank you, young man. CHELSEA (to Greg) Letís get out of here. My parents arenít any help. Chelsea and Greg walk out of the room. Gregís cell rings. GREG (on the phone) Yo ... what do you mean there was no one at Chelsea Camdenís house? CHELSEA Oh my gosh! GREG (on the phone) Yeah, you saw the glass. And Chelseaís hacked door, I hope? Itís Steve Arnette. Yeah, I know it doesnít make any sense. Iím sure. CHELSEA He admitted to killing Diane. GREG (on the phone) He admitted to killing Diane ... Yes ... Okay, bye. Greg ends the call. GREG (CONTíD) I donít know about you, but I think we better hang around the hospital with Steve on the loose. CHELSEA Sure. Chelsea and Greg are running up and down the stairs in the back hospital stairway. GREG You want to play with the elevators now? We can go up to like the twelfth floor and jump right before the elevator lands t the top. The result is awesome, I tell you. Chelsea and Greg are still in the stairway when they hear a door open from the floor below them. Steve walks up the stairs with his axe. STEVE No cap gun to protect you this time, huh Greg? Chelsea tries the door to the fourth floor, but itís locked. GREG How did you know we were here? STEVE I found the note that Chelseaís mom left her. How adorable of her. I can see the headline now: ďMOTHER LEADS KILLER STRAIGHT TO HER DAUGHTER.Ē GREG More like ďPERPETRATOR IMPALED WITH HIS OWN WEAPON.Ē Greg and Steve struggle over the weapon which is at a horizontal angle between them. Steve turns the blade toward Greg and thrusts the weapon on the wall, narrowly missing Greg. Chelsea screams and tries to push Steve down the stairs. Steve grabs Chelseaís hair and Chelsea kicks Steve. Greg jumps on Steveís back, knocking him to the ground. Chelsea runs up another flight of stairs until she reaches an open door. A SECURITY GUARD (male, fifties) is on that floor and all he has is a radio. CHELSEA Quick! Thereís a guy with an axe trying to attack my boyfriend in the stairwell! SECURITY GUARD Are you serious? CHELSEA Call for help and ask questions later. SECURITY GUARD (on the radio) We have a 412 in section 3A. Get here, ASAP. Moments later, the police arrive. CHELSEA Quick, in the stairwell! Three policemen run down the stairs and find Greg lying down, clutching his side. GREG Down, he went downstairs. Chelsea arrives with Security Guard. CHELSEA Greg, are you okay? SECURITY GUARD (on the radio) We have a 213 in 3A. Greg is placed in a hospital bed, next to Chelseaís father. A blonde NURSE is checking up on them. NURSE You both will be out of here in no time at all. The nurse exits. MRS. CAMDEN Chelsea, I didnít know that you were serious. CHELSEA What was I supposed to do to make you believe me? GREG Tell me about your nightmare, Chelsea. CHELSEA I dreamed that Steve Arnette murdered me. It could still happen. The police havenít caught him yet. GREG Thereís a security guard outside. No one will harm us. Gregís cell phone rings. GREG (CONTíD) Chelsea, can you get that? CHELSEA (on the phone) Hello? BRI (O.C.) (on the phone) Hello, Chelsea? This is Bri. CHELSEA (on the phone) Whatís the matter? BRI (O.C.) (on the phone) Nothing except (she cries) my mom had to go out of town unexpectedly for Christmas and Iím all alone. CHELSEA (on the phone) I could ask my mother if I could come over. BRI (O.C.) (on the phone) Please, itís Christmas Eve! Chelsea ends the call. MRS. CAMDEN Youíre not going anywhere young lady. CHELSEA But Mom, Briís mother had to go out of town for Christmas. Sheís all alone and her best friend was just killed last night. I understand how she feels. I need to go see her. MRS. CAMDEN With a killer on the loose? CHELSEA Iíll be careful. GREG Call us when you get there Chelsea. CHELSEA I will. INT. BRIíS HOUSE Briís Mom is lying dead on the floor, with wounds to her throat. Steve is pointing a knife at Briís throat. BRI Please, Steve. You said if I called Chelsea, that youíd let me go. STEVE I canít believe youíd lure someone to me just to save your own skin. It shows what a heartless, cruel person you are. BRI No, you are. STEVE No, you are. With that, Steve stabs the area of Briís heart. Steve laughs as Bri falls to the ground. STEVE (CONTíD) Slicing throats and stabbing hearts. Who knew it could be so much fun? The doorbell rings. Steve answers the door to find a petrified Chelsea. He grabs her in the house as she screams. INT. HOSPITAL David walks in the hospital room to find Greg and Mr. and Mrs. Camden. DAVID Hi. Whereís Chelsea? GREG Sheís at Briís. DAVID Bri? Dianeís best friend? GREG Yeah. DAVID Why? GREG I dunno, her mom went out of town last minute. DAVID This makes no sense. This is a trap. Mrs. Camden appears worried. GREG Donít scare Chelseaís mom, dude. DAVID Youíre scaring me. You mean you let Chelsea actually go over to Briís? This is bad news. Something just doesnít smell right. MRS. CAMDEN None of this would have happened if Chelsea went behind our backs and dated a senior. DAVID Are you talking to me? MRS. CAMDEN Yes, David, I am. DAVID If I got your daughter into a mess, I sure am sorry. But we canít stand around and argue if sheís possibly in danger. Gotta run. MRS. CAMDEN Donít you dare touch her! David runs out of the room. MRS. CAMDEN (CONTíD) You know how senior boys are. MR. CAMDEN Donít I ever. GREG I canít wait Ďtil next year when I get to be one. INT. BRIíS HOUSE Steve, weaponless, locks the front door. Chelsea runs up the stairs. STEVE The elusive Chelsea Camden. You know, Diane was going to be the last girl I sliced up. Steve slowly walks up the stairs. However, youíve given me so much trouble that I figure Iíll appreciate the fact that youíre dead so much, that it will be worth it to kill you. Oh, Chelsea! Where are you? He opens the bathroom door and bangs it against the wall. Chelseaís not there. Steve opens a hall closet, which is thrust open by Chelsea. She hits Steve with the door, but not hard enough to stun him. Chelsea runs downstairs to the kitchen and finds a fire extinguisher. When Steve arrives, she tries spraying it in his face. However, it is mysteriously empty. She tries hitting Steve over the head with it, but his hands block the extinguisher and he throws it to the side. Chelsea runs into the downstairs guest bathroom. STEVE Chelsea, I donít see why you fight for your life so hard. You know Iím going to get you. He takes the fire extinguisher and starts to smash the bathroom door. Chelsea screams. CHELSEA No, stop! David enters through the front door. DAVID Steve, you can kill me, but donít harm Chelsea. Steve turns around. STEVE I could care less about you. I want Chelsea. DAVID Well, thatís too bad, because so do I. David tears the Christmas lights of Briís Christmas tree and wraps them around Steveís throat. Chelsea escapes from the bathroom and goes past David to stay away from the body. DAVID (CONTíD) Itís okay. Heís not dead. I couldnít kill anyone, not even Steve. CHELSEA You have to do something. When Greg knocked him unconscious, he escaped before the police got there. Chelsea's arm gets hurt and has to go to the hospital. sees steve arnette who makes a flimsy excuse. Chelsea finds out he was seeing a psych doc. Chelsea kisses Greg on cheek for gratitude. but greg is upset saying he knows she really wants David. David has to be a jerk. To determine - who's the killer Steve Arnette What is their motive? To kill off all the girls that David has ever liked, to frame it on Diane, who dumped him to date David and won't take him back now. Who dies? Kelsey, Grace, Sara, Pete, Rachel Norman. They think Diane's the murderer but she dies. Diane is suspected, but she has an airtight alibi. -alternate non/holiday version What are some of the things that happen? david and chelsea go on their date Funeral sequences?? DREAM SEQUENCES
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