May / New stuff LA is dangerous/shotguns in alley/lauren gets shot, but not hurt tv/movie within movie watersuits/song in the water? valley - resort to notes on this one three cuts of the valley... encino sherman oaks agoura? movie within a movie Lauren is watching TV. ACTRESS ACTOR Lauren's POV: She and Kyle say the same lines the actors do. LOCATION LIST Malibu Record Store 3844 Cross Creek Rd Malibu, CA FADE IN: INT. GENERIC RESTAURANT SETTING -- DAY The scene is a standard generic suburban-type restaurant reminiscent of an Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse. Crazy crap on the walls and patroned by an alarmingly white suburban family. This doesn't need to be a big location shoot and can be done guerilla style. We see Kyle, 20, a typical suburban young man. He looks anguished and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. KYLE (Frustrated) Gahhhhhhh... Kyle promptly leaves the establishment quickly, making no big fuss as he walks out the front door and heads into his car. CUT TO: INT. KYLE'S CAR -- DAY Opening credits roll as Kyle drives away. We go past all of the monuments of suburban culture. Wal-Mart, Vons, Rite- Aid, Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks. The usual bit, while the opening song "Three Days from Anywhere" plays over the titles. CUT TO: EXT -- DAY Kyle is walking the streets. He doesn't actually have a job anymore so he is killing time walking around with a notepad. He counts the Starbucks. From across the street he spots who he simply knows as "Hot Record Store Girl." A girl he's said "Hi" to many times but hasn't really had a conversation with. FADE IN: INT. SAN DIEGO RECORD STORE KYLE, a laid back guy in his mid-20s, sees LAUREN. Lauren is holding a record. He paces around the record store, acting like he is going to go up to her, but he backs away. Finally, as he decides to approach her again, she goes to the cash register. He waits until she is done, then he approaches her again. KYLE Hi. LAUREN (Smiles) Hi. KYLE (Suddenly) Is it your day off? LAUREN (Stating the Obvious) Nope! Just workin'... KYLE (Overexcitedly) Cool! LAUREN Did you buy "The Best of Brigitte Bardot"? KYLE Yeah. LAUREN I thought you must have terrible taste! KYLE (Surprised/Worried) Oh? LAUREN Until I listened to the other copy we had. It wasn't half bad. KYLE (Nodding) Right! LAUREN "Moi Je Joue" is pretty cool! KYLE (Shrugging) Out of all the crummy records I've bought, you had to notice that one! LAUREN (Surprised) No, it's cool! KYLE (Nodding/Looking Down) Right! Kyle continues to look down and around, avoiding eye-contact. There's an uncomfortable pause. KYLE The time when you put on that Gram Parsons record in the store. LAUREN (Waiting) Yeah? KYLE And I checked it out. Not bad. Lauren laughs. LAUREN That makes you the only other person I know in San Diego who likes him. And I've lived here ALL MY LIFE. Kyle Pauses. KYLE Who's the other one? LAUREN (nods, smiling, then stops) Wait, what? A customer walks in. LAUREN One second... Lauren goes off camera to help a customer. We stay on Kyle while he's not quite sure what to do with himself. Lauren comes back. LAUREN Sorry... KYLE It's cool. I think you're a really cool person. You have the most amazing taste in music! LAUREN (Uncomfortable) Thank you. KYLE (Laying it on thick) I mean you have no idea. LAUREN Well, I'm honored. She smiles at him, there's a moment of awkward silence. She looks off camera to something that seems urgent. LAUREN One, sec... We stay on Kyle who doesn't appear to know what to do with himself. She returns. Kyle interjects. KYLE My friend once asked me why I had so much junk in my record collection. Mott the Hoople, Partridge Family, I don't know, old Monkees and Paul Revere and the Raiders albums. I thought about it for a moment, I thought my taste must be trash! LAUREN Maybe your friend's taste is trash! Kyle laughs. KYLE Yeah. There's another uncomfortable pause while Kyle nods. LAUREN Well, I'll catch you around. KYLE No wait! I mean, do you want to hang out sometime? LAUREN I can't right now. KYLE (Backpeddling) Well, I didn't mean right now... LAUREN What did you have in mind? KYLE I don't know, maybe go to a record store... They both pause and take a look around. LAUREN (Changing subjects) I tell you what. Iím holding a garage sale this Saturday. I'm getting rid of lots of my old records. Maybe you'd be interested. KYLE Cool, I'd like to go. Lauren takes a bright orange garage sale flyer out of her purse. LAUREN I made these up for the garage sale. It has my address. KYLE Great yeah! I'll be there! LAUREN You will? KYLE Yeah! LAUREN Great! Kyle exits the record store and breathes a happy sigh of relief. He leaves holding a record he didn't pay for. LAUREN Hey! You gonna pay for that?!? Kyle looks shocked and goes back into the record store. EXT. LAURENíS HOME - FRONT LAWN The front lawn is covered in blankets with random stuff on it. There is a box of records as well as a rack with a bright pink jacket. Kyle walks up with a notepad in his hand. LAUREN Hey! You made it! KYLE Yeah, not doing much of anything I guess. LAUREN What's the pad for? KYLE Oh, just counting the Starbucks. LAUREN Starbucks? KYLE Right. Whenever I'm not doing anything I walk around counting chain stores. LAUREN (beat) Oh, what number are you up to? She gets distracted. LAUREN Thank you for taking my Joni Mitchell! KYLE You donít like it anymore? LAUREN No, I do. A woman I don't know tried to buy it earlier. At least if someone I know buys it I can borrow it. KYLE Why not just keep it then? LAUREN (smiling) I wouldn't make any money that way... Kyle hands the record back to her. KYLE You should keep it if you really like it. LAUREN No, take it. Kyle displays another one of her records: T. Rex. KYLE (Holding Up the Record) Are you kidding me? LAUREN Yeah, Iím getting rid of everything. KYLE This is like getting rid of a kidney or something! LAUREN It's on my iPod now, though... KYLE Ack! Even worse! Kyle rummages more through the records. KYLE Why don't you digitally shellac Joni Mitchell? LAUREN I don't have time to do everything, you know. I need to get rid of it all. KYLE Why the grand disposal? LAUREN (beat) I thought more people would be here today. KYLE Are you moving or something...? LAUREN Just a second! Lauren runs back into her house and brings out the craziest looking lamp on the planet earth. LAUREN Do you think this will sell? KYLE I like it. LAUREN Would you pay five? KYLE I was thinking fifteen. LAUREN Ten it is then. KYLE Howíd you know Iíd like it? LAUREN Well, my mom hated my record collection just about as much as this lamp. So I figured... KYLE Ah. LAUREN You donít know how many times I had to rescue these records from the garbage man. (beat) So I'm moving. KYLE So where are you going? LAUREN Somewhere new. KYLE Yeah? Where? LAUREN L.A. KYLE Cool. To be an actress? LAUREN No. KYLE Model? LAUREN No. KYLE Then what? LAUREN Um, anything. Kyle laughs. KYLE Well, then I'm going too. LAUREN Oh, shut up.. KYLE Well, not that I could part from all these promising career paths... LAUREN Oh, like what? KYLE I worked as a waiter in some fancy restaurant. LAUREN That sounds pretty neat. KYLE Nah, nothing really goes on. And the people that can't get a table yell at you if you donít let them in. So I got tired of that and started letting them in. Lauren laughs. LAUREN So you were fired? KYLE (O.S.) Nah, I just walked off one day. The people who want to be let in just want to drink anyway. Or maybe they just want to meet somebody interesting. LAUREN So what else? KYLE I was an accountant for about a month. LAUREN So you do taxes? KYLE I DID taxes. It didn't last. LAUREN What happened with that one? KYLE I had all these tax forms to do this past April and no way I could get them all done... LAUREN And? KYLE I just threw them away. LAUREN Thatís brave! But I probably would have done the same thing... KYLE I also worked at this high-end ice cream place downtown. LAUREN Yeah? KYLE Terrible experience... LAUREN What's so terrible about ice cream? KYLE Well, it costs five dollars a scoop, and they paid me seven dollars an hour. Someone is certainly profiting on that deal and it ain't me... LAUREN Shouldn't that be illegal? KYLE Yeah. No. I donít know. Anyway, one day I got sick of all the flavors. They had ten. And I was there five days total. I could only handle two flavors a day. Then I snapped. LAUREN (Slightly Uncomfortable) Cool, well, yeah... Kyle grabs a girl's jacket. KYLE I'm getting this too. Lauren laughs. LAUREN For yourself? You'd look cute in it. KYLE For my sister. LAUREN I bet you don't even have a sister! Youíre just trying to be nice and buy all my stuff. KYLE Her nameís Mandy. LAUREN Right. KYLE Alright, so maybe I think it will go with my girl pants! So how about that cup of coffee? LAUREN Now's no good. I have a garage sale to administer. KYLE Nobody is here! LAUREN What if someone shows up? I've only made twenty-five bucks. And that's just from you. KYLE Maybe we should take our chances. We have a trip to LA to plan... LAUREN Right... KYLE Now you won't have to get rid of all your stuff. LAUREN All my stuff is going to rot in my mom's basement. I would just want to bring some clothes and maybe a record. KYLE But the lamp. It is so coming with us to L.A. LAUREN (Rolling Her Eyes) Right, when we go to L.A. KYLE Am I the crazy one here? LAUREN You can't just up and leave your hometown with someone you barely know! KYLE Don't think of it as a departure. Think of it as more of a detour. LAUREN But we don't even KNOW each other! KYLE You have to be just as sick of San Diego as I am, the collective rape of our memories. The homogenization of our culture. LAUREN Well, yeah. KYLE I got a story for you... Shot goes to Kyle walking alone down a path until he gets to a shopping center. KYLE I was waiting for my car's tires to be changed. For some reason I was compelled to take it to a garage not too far from where I lived when I was a kid. It was going to be about an hour or so until my car was ready so I decided to walk where I used to play. Where we would race our bikes, have water balloon fights. Much to my chagrin it's now a Target shopping center. Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Home Depot, the works Cut to various shots of Kyle playing games improvised with shopping carts and various elements of the parking lot. KYLE (O.S.) And I walked around re-enacting my old games until a security guard told me to leave, because I was "loitering". In the flashback sequence, an inaudible guard speaks and waves his hands at Kyle dramatically. Kyle leaves. KYLE My old high school is a Starbucks AND a Wal-Mart. LAUREN Have you been downtown lately? I think Starbucks' biggest competition is Starbucks! KYLE Yeah, sometimes when I'm downtown on my lunch break, I'll walk around. Counting the Starbucks, the Blockbusters, the Wal-Marts, the Chik-Fil-A's, Everytime I think I have the final tally, it seems another one opens. So the counting continues. I think I may have found the secret to eternal life... LAUREN What number are you up to now? The camera pans to Kyle as he looks up and smiles at the camera. A montage of Kyle dancing past various chains while holding up the official number of locations in San Diego plays. KYLE There was this nice family restaurant that I ate at all the time here in San Diego. One day it closed, and yet another Starbucks opened in its place. And it's the same everywhere you go! What are we going to tell our grandchildren?!? Everyone in the world is going to have the same life story! LAUREN I wish we went to high school together. I really needed someone like you. KYLE Bah, I was such a dork. I was in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and likely would have not taken notice of you... Lauren laughs and shoves Kyle. LAUREN Shut up! KYLE If I have any clue what lifeís about... itís about greedy corporations sucking the life out of you. Your job. Youíre just toiling away so your boss can get rich. LAUREN The record store barely makes any profit. KYLE I didnít mean your job. I meant companies who hire average hardworking people. They pay them beans, and grow rich from the money their employees are making the company. We've become Karl Marx's worst nightmare! Commodities no different from the widgets we produce! LAUREN They paid me so little though. You know the reason I wasnít working today? Itís because Thursday was my last day. I didnít want to be sitting around, dreaming of being somewhere else. I want to go. KYLE I almost didnít say anything to you when I saw you. LAUREN If you hadnít, Iíd have been gone. KYLE So you want to go to Los Angeles? LAUREN Perhaps that should wait until we get to know each other a bit better. KYLE Oh, I think I can take care of that. Come with me! This will lead to a montage of games played between them as they fall in love, title cards such as "Monday" and "Tuesday" will culminate in the title card where they will have the doo-wop conversation I'll write later. The Drive- in will factor into this. And it will be key. Mind you, keeeeeeey. INT -- NIGHT Lauren's head is in the lap of Kyle. He is stroking her hair gently. The camera will stay on Lauren's face the entire time. LAUREN Where do you think we'll live in L.A.? KYLE (snidley) Anywhere there isn't a Starbucks... LAUREN (a little upset) Do we have to talk about that right now? KYLE Well I just meant... LAUREN (Interrupting) I know, but why does that matter? KYLE I think I would prefer not to face them anymore. LAUREN As if there were an alternative? KYLE There might be. Sometimes I think I would be happiest if I could just lock myself in a dimly-lit room and listen to doo-wop records until I either die or go deaf. LAUREN Be serious! KYLE I am! LAUREN But you can do that anywhere! KYLE I guess that's the point. Does it really matter where we end up? No matter where we go it'll be Starbucks and Burger King. LAUREN (upset) That's all you're gonna see? KYLE Not if I lock myself in a room and play doo-wop records. LAUREN (sighs) I'll bite, why doo-wop? KYLE I guess because it's gone, and it's never coming back. LAUREN What groups in particular? KYLE Oh, I don't know, I never remember the names. LAUREN Do you read about them? KYLE (emphatic) No, no, I consciously avoid that. LAUREN (dryly) But you can name everyone whose ever been in Guided by Voices... KYLE Right... LAUREN Fair enough... KYLE But that's in our time. It's different I guess, with doo-wop. LAUREN How? KYLE There's this doo-wop radio show, I listen to every week on satellite radio. These beautiful, fragile, heartbreaking songs, from people who are long dead, from a time that's long since passed. Beamed into space. It's like looking into a telescope and seeing the light from a supernova that blew up millions of years ago. By the time these songs reached me, they were old news. All that's left of them is what they mean to me now. LAUREN (looking up at Kyle) So it's nostalgia? KYLE How can I be nostalgic for a time I never experienced? LAUREN I think it's possible. KYLE It can't be that. LAUREN Then what would you call it? KYLE "Ephemeral innocence." (looks down) Is that redundant? LAUREN Was there ever a more innocent time? KYLE Nah. Probably not. But I can conceive of one. Lauren nuzzles up closer to Kyle. KYLE There's this song I heard on the show once, but never since. It runs through my head a few times a day. It goes: (sings) "Hey Yooouuuuu..." Lauren listens intently, but Kyle stops singing, she waits a moment for him to continue. LAUREN (surprised) That's it? KYLE That's all I can remember LAUREN (Sings) Hey youuuuuuuuuu... KYLE Yeah, that's it, that's all I can ever remember... FADE TO BLACK FADE IN: INT. BLACK -- NIGHT Only the voices will be heard here. No image. LAUREN (whines) Seven? I never get out of bed on Sunday Ďtil at least ten. KYLE Okay, Iíll give you Ďtil nine. You can sleep in the car if you want. LAUREN Nah, nineís okay. See you tomorrow. Be five minutes late. EXT. LAURENíS HOME - NEXT DAY Kyleís car radio clock shows 9:05 when he pulls up. Lauren is standing on the porch in sweat pants and a hoodie with her small suitcase in hand. Lauren runs to the car and jumps in. LAUREN Too casual? KYLE Not at all. LAUREN My ex-boyfriend always complained whenever I didnít dress up. KYLE Oh... Lauren laughs. She throws her suitcase in the back seat. LAUREN That's not the sort of thing I'm supposed to bring up though, right? KYLE (uncomfortable) No, no. It's alright. A folder sheís holding slips and headshots of her spill everywhere. Kyle picks one up. KYLE I thought you said you werenít an actress? LAUREN Iím not. KYLE Really? Kyle starts the car and they start driving. LAUREN I mean, I used to try to get modeling jobs. KYLE Really? LAUREN Nah, it isnít much to speak of really. I... KYLE Yes, it is! Thatís great. You can be a model in L.A. LAUREN I wanted to relax when we got to L.A. KYLE I have some money. We can have fun for the first week or two or whatever. LAUREN How long does it take to get there? KYLE We just left. LAUREN Shoot, I'm hungry. Could we stop at a McDonald's? Kyle slams on the breaks, they lurch forward. He gives Lauren a smoldering look. LAUREN Ha! This is gonna be a fun trip. Kyle rolls his eyes. KYLE Great... LAUREN Well, at least your car's clean. KYLE (wistfully) As long as you never look in the backseat, you will always remember it that way... Lauren looks in her purse. LAUREN I'm so broke. I hope that's not a problem. KYLE Nope! LAUREN I was thinking it'd be cool to give tours. Like a Charlie Chaplin tour. Or a "Rock Stars in Hollywood" tour. KYLE Would it be a walking tour or a bus tour? LAUREN I don't have a bus, so I guess it would be a walking tour. KYLE Who wants to go on a walking tour? LAUREN I'd rather do that. KYLE I could be your manager. LAUREN My manager? KYLE Didn't you want to model? Lauren rolls down her window and throws her headshots out the window. KYLE What did you do that for? LAUREN Don't you think that'd be little depressing? KYLE I don't know... LAUREN If you think it's so easy, YOU be the model! You have the girl pants for it... KYLE (playfully angry) They're not girl pants if I wear them! SCENE CUTS FADE -- DAY INT. KYLE'S CAR -- DAY Lauren seems a little alarmed. LAUREN What's that smell? KYLE What? I don't smell anything. LAUREN When was the last time you got an oil change? KYLE (as if he's been caught) You're supposed to change that? Lauren rolls her eyes. LAUREN Oh, really now... KYLE Come on! I've changed it once or twice. LAUREN How long have you had the car!? KYLE Three or four years. Lauren looks frustrated. LAUREN I think we should pull over. KYLE We just did. No, weíre fine. EXT. SPECTRUM MALL - IRVINE They are in the parking lot and the car wonít start. LAUREN Maybe your car just needs oil. KYLE We can try that, but weíre stuck at a mall. LAUREN We can hitch a ride to the nearest gas station... KYLE No, letís stay with the car. We can hang around the mall until I find out what's wrong with it. LAUREN But I have no money! I don't think you're legally allowed to roam the streets of Irvine without it. Lauren gets a gleam in her eyes. LAUREN (wryly) Hey, maybe we could even settle in Orange County? KYLE Right, right, we'll hitch our wagon right here in "City, Bath, and Beyond". LAUREN Who knows? KYLE I'm going to look around for some place that has to do with cars. LAUREN I'm coming too! CUT TO: EXT. SOME FOUNTATIN -- DAY Kyle and Lauren stumble upon a fountain in the middle of the mall. KYLE Stand by the fountain. I want to get a picture of you. LAUREN Well, wait, I want you in the picture too! They find someone to take a picture for them. They do a couple crazy poses. Improvised antics in the area will ensue. Eventually boredom will set in leading to the silent song moment. Kyle and Lauren are sitting on a bench and look bored. They're outside a car service place LAUREN How much longer? KYLE (bored) Dunno. LAUREN Wanna sing a song? KYLE You mean together? LAUREN Yeah! Like a duet! KYLE So, like, a Jefferson Airplane song or something? LAUREN (Rolls her eyes) I can see you're not in the spirit of this. Watch me, I'll do it. Lauren stands up *to sing The Diablos song "If I". Voice come from off camera. It is Glen, who is directing the film. Who stops the action, the camera keeps rolling. GLEN Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? Lauren looks disappointed. LAUREN Just gonna do a song Glen. You're wasting film! GLEN Yeah, but you can't do that one! LAUREN Why not? GLEN We don't have the rights! LAUREN (Shocked/Angry) Rights!? GLEN Yeah, you know, clearance, license. We can't do it in the film. LAUREN What are you too cheap? GLEN It's expensive!! LAUREN It's just a song! What happened to "We freewheel our movies and do whatever we want"? GLEN I don't know... LAUREN Alright, alright, I got an idea. GLEN What? LAUREN Just watch... The sound is gonna go completely silent, no synch, ambient or anything. Lauren will proceed to sing the song silently, we will direct it like the biggest showstopper in the film. CUT TO: EXT. MALL - MOMENTS LATER Kyle and Lauren are running toward the car. Kyle has a plastic bag in his hand. When they reach the car, Kyle takes the transmission fluid out of the bag and asks Lauren to pop the hood. After Kyle puts the transmission fluid in, he throws the container in the parking lot. He and Lauren get in the car and drive off. LAUREN Let's get the fuck out of Orange County! KYLE I think that's their official motto... Lauren pauses for a moment. LAUREN Have you ever fallen in love before? KYLE Have you? LAUREN Maybe once or twice... KYLE (Rolls eyes) Oh, once or twice... LAUREN Oh, right, you're just as pure as the driven snow. KYLE Yeah, unintentionally pure still counts! The car lurches away. CUT TO: EXT. L.A. MOTEL -- DAY Lauren and Kyle have finally arrived. In an unglamorous area of L.A. KYLE We're here! LAUREN (Mock excitedly) Hooray... KYLE Let's throw our stuff in the hotel, and then take off to somewhere cool. LAUREN I heard the Roosevelt Hotel is supposed to be cool. They have cool parties there all the time. KYLE What, you wanna crash a party? LAUREN Yeah! KYLE We could walk around and you can give me your spiel LAUREN Spiel? KYLE Yeah, you could practice your walking tour speech. CUT TO: EXT -- DAY Lauren's wild 'n' crazy walking tour montage will ensue. I will jump off this bridge when I come to it. CUT TO: EXT. SUNSET BLVD -- DAY Lauren and Kyle are concluding their walking tour. LAUREN Have you ever dated a taller girl? KYLE No, but I dated a married girl... LAUREN (Surprised) Oh? KYLE Yeah, so I'm sure I gave her a weird look. Kyle is acting like he's trying to suppress his shock, but failing miserably. KYLE Here's how she broke it to me: 'actually, we're not divorced quite yet. The divorce comes through in May.' And it was March. Lauren laughs. LAUREN No way. KYLE Yeah, but I don't think she had the brains. Needless to say, I never saw her again. Even though she emailed me an invite to her "Divorce Party" two months later. Lauren shrieks. LAUREN It's the Viper Room!! KYLE And? LAUREN And what!?! It's THE VIPER ROOM. Kyle folds his arms. KYLE Okay, so gimme your spiel. LAUREN Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world-famous Viper Room. Here, on October 31, nineteen- ninety whatever, River Phoenix overdosed and consequently died... KYLE (Amused/Disgusted) And this is for the tourists? LAUREN Aww, man, I told you I need to do my research. I don't even remember the years and shit. I'm sure something else cool happened here. KYLE No, don't give up so soon. LAUREN (Resigned) No, I think I'm giving up. KYLE You could do the celebrity-death tour even. Lauren slaps him (lightly). LAUREN Now you're making fun of me! Lauren pauses and puts her finger on her chin LAUREN No, I think someone jumped off the roof somewhere. KYLE That could be the finale of your walking tour! Lauren rolls her eyes. LAUREN Alright, asshole... EXT. TOWER Kyle and Lauren walk out of the record store, dazed. LAUREN Where is all the good vinyl? CUT TO: EXT. ROOSEVELT HOTEL -- DAY Lauren has changed into a cute cocktail dress. Kyle has changed into a cooler outfit. Lauren puts her hand on the door, but a stern-looking doorman shakes his head. LAUREN I'm hot. Am I not hot? Why won't you let me in? Am I not hot? Guard doesn't answer and continues to give a stern look. GUARD Private Hollywood party. Lauren storms off and Kyle follows her. LAUREN What do we do now? I wanted to go there. It was where they held the first Oscar after-party. KYLE I think that would be a good addition to your tour. Give the visitors a genuine L.A. taste of not "being on the list..." INT. HOTEL ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Kyle is looking through the paper. KYLE Hmmmm. Clean carpets. $1800 a month... LAUREN Yeah, that sounds legit... KYLE (referring to the paper) Gigi LaForme is playing at a club in town. LAUREN Oh really? Whoís she? KYLE Sheís apparently a French singer that does covers of Francoise Hardy, Edith Piaf, and other people like that. LAUREN Thatís amazing. But who would even go to something like that? KYLE (Throws Paper) US! CUT TO: INT. SOME CLUB -- NIGHT The girl Gigi LaForme is making her French performance while Kyle and Lauren look on. This will go into more details that will be planned later. KYLE Tomorrow I'm going to a temp agency. None of the jobs in the paper looked appealing. LAUREN When do they ever look appealing? EXT. LOS FELIZ AREA Kyle and Lauren are meeting for coffee at Psychobabble. KYLE So how's your day so far? LAUREN Alright. KYLE Tomorrow I'm going to a temp agency. None of the jobs in the paper looked appealing. LAUREN When do they ever look appealing? KYLE When they spell out the pay right in the ad. LAUREN I found a guy who did my headshots for fifty bucks. KYLE That's an insane steal. LAUREN Yeah, I know. I expected seventy-five dollars minimum. They'll be ready in a few days, so I've already made appointments at some talent agencies. KYLE Cool, so soon you'll be supporting me? LAUREN You'd like that? KYLE No, but what can you do? Lauren punches him lightly. Her phone rings. LAUREN My headshots are ready already?...You said it would be fifty dollars!... What?....No fucking way. You're giving my fifty dollars back! Lauren punches a button to end the call, in exasperation. KYLE What? He claims fifty dollars was the deposit and I owe three hundred and fifty dollars before he'll give me my photos. KYLE You paid the fifty dollars already? LAUREN (sighs) Yes. KYLE It's okay. I'll pay the money. LAUREN I'm not paying the crook one more time. It'd be better to cut my losses. Uh, whenever I'm feeling like this, I want to SHOP. But I have to get money. But I have to spend money to make money. But I've been losing money left and right! KYLE Actually, I auditioned for a part in a horror film today. LAUREN What?! That's wonderful. KYLE Yeah it's about a video game that kills people. Basically I'm going to get paid $100 to stand around all day. LAUREN That's great. Did you want to act? KYLE It's not a bad gig. But they too, ripped me off. I have to pay them seventy-five dollars a month and they're having me sign up at a another casting agency. Who knows how much THEY'LL charge me? But I start work tomorrow. I just have to stand there and get paid. LAUREN Don't you think seventy-five dollars a month is a bit much? KYLE They said I'd get the money back if I didn't make at least seventy- five dollars. LAUREN That's kind of them. KYLE But they wanted it in cash. I thought oh, what the heck, I'm in Hollywood, why not be in a movie? LAUREN Fifty-dollar deposit. What am I going to present when I go to the agency? KYLE Why, your beautiful self, of course. LAUREN This is so backwards. The plan was for me to support YOU. Lauren's done with her coffee, so she throws the Psychobabble cup on the sidewalk. EXT. RIVERSIDE CAFE, BURBANK -- A FEW HOURS LATER Kyle and Lauren exit the restaurant and walk around the neighborhood until they arrive at the apartments across the street. KYLE Youíre the hot record store girl. What am I? LAUREN (laughing) What?! KYLE Yeah, youíre the girl guys fantasize about when they shop at the record store. Why did you choose me out of all people? LAUREN I donít know. The time was right. I mean guys asked me out while I was working there. I turned most of them down. A couple were cool. But itís like, I donít know if Iím young or what, but I need a guy with a sense of adventure. Iím twenty. Half of my friends are married. Some have children. I don't want to be stuck at home all ay, wondering what happened... why my life passed me by and I didnít do anything. KYLE So you donít ever want to get married? LAUREN Thatís cool for someday. The chicks I know get married like itís their only option. They donít even WANT to. Theyíre more interested in planning their wedding than the guy their with. I mean, excuse me, but thatís stupid. (beat) KYLE You know why I took you here? LAUREN Why? KYLE I used to live in this area for like six months. It was probably the worst year of my life. I thought L.A. was going to be an oasis, but I kept running into dead end after dead end. Finally, I ran out of money and had to go back to San Diego. LAUREN (curious) Yeah? So whyíd you take me here? KYLE I took you here so if I ever thought of this place, Iíd think of you. And itíd be a good memory. INT. HOTEL -- NEXT MORNING Shot of Lauren on bed, in robe. Kyle is almost out the door. KYLE I'm going! I don't know when I'll be back. The agency said I might have twelve hour days sometimes. They didn't specify how long it'd take tonight. Lauren is on the bed, on the verge of tears. She opens her mouth to say something, but she doesn't, afraid emotion will show in her voice. INT. HOTEL -- BATHROOM -- LATER Lauren is in her robe, putting on blue eyeshadow. INT. HOTEL -- HOURS LATER Lauren is dressed and she runs from the bathroom to get the hotel phone. The camera shows the back of her head only. Kyle calls her from on set. KYLE Lauren? LAUREN Yes? KYLE The director says they're going 'til 4 o'clock in the morning. That's ten hours to go! LAUREN But you're been gone all day. I got bored and... KYLE It's a flat rate of one hundred and fifty dollars. No overtime. LAUREN Kyle, they're robbing you. They're robbing us. KYLE I know. I'm walking off the set... LAUREN Will they still pay you? KYLE Not if I don't stay. LAUREN You have to stay 'til 4 A.M. We need the money. KYLE I'll try. So what did you do today? LAUREN I watched "Wild at Heart". KYLE What? The movie about horses? LAUREN What? No, the David Lynch movie. The part where Diane Ladd goes crazy and she... Lauren muffles wild laughter and the audience should be unable to tell whether she's laughing or crying. KYLE I have to go! LAUREN Wait I... The camera reveals Lauren's face: every inch of it is covered in blue eyeshadow. The phone's dead. INT. HOTEL -- HOURS LATER The clock reads 4:48. Kyle opens the door, trying not to wake Lauren. Lauren wakes up anyway, fully dressed. LAUREN I wanted to wait up for you, but... KYLE Shh... LAUREN So you stayed? KYLE Yep, they paid me in cash. A hundred dollars. They shorted me a little, but it was good to shake loose of them. LAUREN What happened? KYLE Let's take a walk. CUT TO: STREETS OF LOS ANGELES -- DAY It's just gone dawn and Kyle and Lauren are walking. KYLE It wasn't as bad as my first job I guess. LAUREN What kinda job was it? The turn a corner. KYLE I was fired... LAUREN Why did they fire you? KYLE Well... CUT TO: THEY TURN ANOTHER CORNER -- DAY KYLE And then they fired me... LAUREN Yeesh... CUT TO: INT. HOTEL ROOM -- NIGHT Kyle sits on the bed. KYLE I think I'm going to bed now. (beat) What was that movie you saw? LAUREN Nevermind, I washed the makeup off my face already. KYLE What makeup? Kyle looks at Lauren for a response, but she's already asleep. EXT. HOLLYWOOD BLVD. -- AFTERNOON KYLE Iím really feeling like a movie. LAUREN Which one? KYLE Oh, I donít know. Anything? Lauren finds a nearby rack that contains L.A. Weekly and finds the movie section. LAUREN Thereís a Louise Brooks film. KYLE Pandora? LAUREN No, ďDiary of a Lost Girl.Ē KYLE Aww, man. Iíve always wanted to see that! LAUREN Me too. KYLE Whereís it playing? LAUREN The Egyptian. But wait! Thereís a problem. KYLE What? LAUREN A Janet Gaynor double feature is at UCLA. KYLE Holy cow. LAUREN Two of her silent films have been restored. Oh, I canít choose. KYLE Weíre closer to the Egyptian. LAUREN But Janet Gaynorís a double feature. KYLE I like her, but Iíve only seen ďA Star Is Born.Ē LAUREN ďSunriseĒ is my favorite. Iím trying to think, though. If there was a celebrity death match between Lulu and Janet, who would win? KYLE Celebrity death match? LAUREN Youíve never heard of it? Kyle shakes his head. LAUREN (CONTíD) That was the best show. It was on MTV. Itís like a cartoon where celebrities battle it out until one of them dies. Itís hilarious! KYLE I think Louise would start out strong and maybe rip one of Janetís arms off. But since Janet transitioned from silent films to talkies better, she would totally win. Lauren has a pained look on her face, like she really preferred to see Louise Brooks. KYLE (CONTíD) But we ARE closer to the Egyptian and I do like Louise Brooks quite a bit. Lauren smiles. LAUREN Good choice. Iím dying to see Lulu. CUT TO: EXT. KODAK THEATER When Lauren and Kyle get to the Kodak, they stand in front looking forward. Suddenly, magically like a dream, they are all dressed up, as if for the Oscars. This scene can be improvised. They can run up the stairs to the entrance, all dressed up. CUT TO: EXT. EGYPTIAN THEATER Lauren and Kyle are in their normal clothes. They walk in the ice cream shop before getting their tickets. EXT. HOTEL Lauren and Kyle are heading toward the car. LAUREN Where are we going? KYLE The Valley! EXT. CAR The car spins out of the parking lot. Lauren's window was open and her cell phone goes flying out of the car. KYLE Want me to go get it? LAUREN Nah, it's okay. I hated that phone. KYLE We're off to a great start. Hopefully, we'll find somewhere amazing. CUT TO: EXT. ENCINO Kyle and Lauren look around, trying to act like it's a cool town. CUT TO: EXT. SHERMAN OAKS Kyle and Lauren have the same dazed look, as if they're thinking, "This is supposed to be cool." LAUREN I have an idea where we could go next. KYLE Shoot. LAUREN When I was like five, I had an aunt who lived in Agoura. KYLE Does she still live there? We could visit her. LAUREN She doesn't live there anymore. She sold the place to these yuppies and I'm kind of wondering what they've done with the place. KYLE Let's go! EXT. 6603 SMOKETREE AVE. Kyle and Lauren outside the house. LAUREN Hmm. KYLE My idea to come to the valley was stupid. LAUREN Wow, when they said there was nothing in the valley... KYLE They were right! LAUREN I can't believe I haven't thought of this before... KYLE What? LAUREN We should go to the beach. KYLE (unenthusiastically) Yeah. LAUREN What's wrong? KYLE I took a girl I liked to the beach, when I was in high school. (beat) You don't wanna hear about it. LAUREN Sure. KYLE It was night so we couldn't really walk out to the ocean, because it was dark. LAUREN You COULD have. KYLE Well, she didn't want to. Then I tried to hold her hand and she pulled away. Since then, the beach has always seemed unromantic to me. LAUREN Ha, we'll change that. EXT. MALIBU Conversation. Song by the beach. INT. HOTEL Kyle is getting together his keys and wallet, while Lauren is watching TV (we canít see what she is watching). LAUREN We had a few fun days. KYLE I wish the party could last forever, but I really need to find a job. I have a couple interviews. LAUREN Yeah, I start work later today. KYLE Where? LAUREN At this candy shop. Guess what theyíre paying me? KYLE What? LAUREN Eight bucks an hour. KYLE Yikes. LAUREN Iím quitting the moment I find something better. But I really need some new nylons. Kyle reaches for his wallet, then hesitates. KYLE I wish there was something in my wallet. LAUREN No, donít worry. Thatís why I got a job. KYLE Okay, I need to go. Kyle kisses her forehead. KYLE (CONTíD) You be good. Lauren laughs as Kyle heads for the door. LAUREN Okay. Kyle is out the door. We now see what Lauren is watching: a melodramatic movie with a man and a woman, RICHARD and JOANNA. JOANNA Oh Richard. RICHARD Oh Joanna! The train leaves tonight at six. JOANNA Why do we have to leave this place, Richard? Joanna dramatically sweeps her hand over her forehead. JOANNA We fell in love here. I hate to leave all our memories behind. RICHARD I donít like it either, but my love for you is inside my heart. No one can take it away. JOANNA Oh Richard. Joanna embraces Richard. RICHARD Oh Joanna. They kiss. End of movie on television. Lauren imagines she and Kyle are the actors and the scene repeats. LAUREN Oh Kyle. KYLE Oh Lauren! The train leaves tonight at six. LAUREN Why do we have to leave this place, Kyle? Lauren dramatically sweeps her hand over her forehead. LAUREN We fell in love here. I hate to leave all our memories behind. KYLE I don't like it either, but my love for you is inside my heart. No one can take it away. LAUREN Oh Kyle. Lauren embraces Kyle. KYLE Oh Lauren. They kiss. EXT. STARBUCKS -- ONE DAY LATER Kyle and Lauren pass by a Starbucks. LAUREN Kyle? KYLE Yeah. LAUREN We just passed by a Starbucks! KYLE Yeah. LAUREN And? KYLE And what? LAUREN Arenít you going to rave about the in justice being done to the normal working guy whoís just trying to make a buck, but the big corporation wants to tax that buck, take whatís left, force the guy the borrow, charge interest until heís so far behind that heíll never catch up? KYLE Nah, I wasnít going to say anything. LAUREN Why not? KYLE Iím pretty happy. LAUREN About what? KYLE Everything, really. I mean, other people are working their asses off and weíre just chilling. LAUREN Youíre not worried? KYLE About what? LAUREN Well, we arenít doing so hot for cash, are we? KYLE Nah, not really. LAUREN I really should have stuck to the candy store. But their apron was so ugly. When are we going to run out of money? KYLE Well, we ran out two days ago. Weíll have to keep charging everything, but thatís okay. LAUREN Itís okay. I never told you this, but my dadís a multi-millionaire. Heís wiring us a few thousand dollars to tide us over. KYLE (disappointed) Yeah? LAUREN No! Donít I wish... My dadís one of those guys whoís been working for a big company forever, but heís got nothing to show for it. **KYLE Sucks. LAUREN Are you disappointed I couldnít bail us out of this? KYLE Nah. LAUREN Why not? KYLE Well, it doesnít really matter if we go back to San Diego. You know, humans can adapt to almost any kind of environment, if theyíre forced to. LAUREN But I want us to be happy. Who says weíd be unhappy? Would you be? (beat) KYLE What, you wanted to stay in L.A.? LAUREN It wasnít how I thought itíd be, though. I mean, itís stupid, but I thought Iíd get discovered and that we could buy a big mansion. I mean everyone should be entitled to a nice home. Then, Iíd hire The Pixies to play for my birthday party and stars would visit us all the time, and weíd have this big pool. Then Iíd learn French and discover I had a secret talent for writing songs. Gigi LaForme would hire me to write for her. The songs would be so good that sheíd stop having to do covers... KYLE Whoa, whoa, wait a sec... LAUREN Yeah? KYLE In your fantasy, where do I fit in? LAUREN I donít know if you do fit in. Thatís why Iím glad that weíre broke and all we have is each other. KYLE You know, thatís not all we have. LAUREN What? KYLE Before we went broke, I bought tickets to see Gigi LaForme. Lauren shrieks. LAUREN I didnít think weíd get to see her. I thought they were all sold out. KYLE I just said that, so youíd be surprised when I pulled the tickets out. LAUREN Tonight is Tuesday! KYLE Yeah, we should have left L.A. Monday morning, but we just had to wait to see Gigi. We better take off now or weíll be late. INT. CLUB -- MOMENTS LATER Thereís only four or five people besides Kyle and Lauren. KYLE Itís dead. Itís not even close to selling out. LAUREN She HAS to sing Ton Meilleur Amiís my favorite. GIGI LAFORME GROUPIE For her Francoise Hardy numbers, she usually sing, Tous Le Garcons et Les Filles and All Over the World. The lights dim. All five people start clapping. Gigi is dressed like a ye-ye girl from the Ď60s complete with knee high boots and a beret. She opens with the public domain number. At the end of the song, a guy from the crowd shoots her and screams from insanity. There are a couple of tense moments. Gigi gets up and then does a bow and keeps singing. It's all part of the show. KYLE Wow. THAT'S French! EXT. MOTEL -- NEXT DAY Kyle and Lauren are in their car, leaving L.A. LAUREN So I was thinking we could stop back in Orange County... KYLE Weíre not stopping in Orange County! CUT TO: INT. CAR -- HOURS LATER Kyle and Lauren are driving again. Lauren is holding a fish in a small tank. KYLE So what are you going to name him? Itís a girl. I was thinking Constance. KYLE Why? After Constance Bennett? LAUREN No, after Veronica Lake. It was her real name. EXT. LAURENíS HOME -- PORCH -- NEXT MORNING KYLE So did you have the time of your life? LAUREN Yeah. I wish it could have lasted forever. KYLE Iím sorry. I mean, I should have stuck to being an extra. It was so stupid, but... LAUREN No, I mean I wish it would have been a vacation forever. If we had stayed, I think I would have gotten sick of L.A. KYLE Yeah. LAUREN I mean everywhere I go, itís the same. There are people struggling to make their way. There are Starbucks. There are Burger Kings. Thereís independent record stores. You need to find a shitty job to survive. I mean, it really doesnít matter that we had to go back to San Diego. KYLE Really? But I thought you hated this place. LAUREN I do. I mean, I did. But it doesn't matter. Iíll have you. Iíll have my records. Iíll always have this excursion to L.A. And Iíll always have Mandy to go to the mall with. KYLE Youíd go to the mall with my kid sister? LAUREN Yeah, and Iíll show her how to quit in style. KYLE Yeah? LAUREN Wait until the fattest regular customer comes in... Plead with them to stop eating McDonaldís or itíll kill them. Then throw down your McDonaldís hat and lock the register and throw out the key and the master key and throw all the happy meal boxes in the parking lot on your way out. KYLE I see youíve had experience quitting McDonaldís before. LAUREN That was my first and last fast good job. So how about you? What was your worst job? KYLE When I was nineteen, I got a job at this theater. It started out as the best job, because I got to watch free movies. It was like my first job that I really had to depend on for income. So one check they shorted me like two hundred dollars. And I needed it for rent. And they said theyíd pay me the next check. I got evicted from my apartment, because they forgot to add it to my next check. So... on my last day, I filed a report that I found the theater seats in the front and third rows all cut up after this boxing movie. It was a really nice theater. They had just renovated it. Then I dumped all the butter in the back room where the manager kept all his personal movie memorabilia. Then, I left. LAUREN I never worked at a theater. I always wanted to. KYLE I always wanted to work in a really tall building. On the hundredth floor. And then take the elevator, which of course would be see- through glass, so you could see the outside world getting smaller the higher you went up. Then, one day when I got sick of the job (which of course I would), Iíd go up to the roof, and Iíd parachute off the top. LAUREN Cool. KYLE Really? So, where else would you work? LAUREN Iím torn. Iíd either work in a bakery in Paris and bake bread or Iíd work as a phone operator. Iíd speak to each customer in a different voice or accent. Then, theyíd be like, ĎAre you really British?í And Iíd be like ĎYeahí. KYLE Did you feed Constance? LAUREN Yeah. (beat) Where would you go if you got the chance? KYLE I donít know. Iíd go everywhere. It doesnít really matter, as long as we have each other. FADE OUT THE END NEW STUFF TO ADD: -------------- Beach conversation/beach ball/swimsuits. Lauren is in a one piece bathing suit with a towel or wrap around her waist and Kyle is in swim trunks, shirtless. LAUREN You know I never liked going to the beach when I was in San Diego either. KYLE I like it here. And it's sort of deserted in this area. I like that. LAUREN I like it too; it's strange. When I was a kid and we'd go to the beach in San Diego, I really liked it when the beach was crowded. I don't know why. KYLE The beach in San Diego. (sighs) I always wanted to surf there, but the waves weren't excellent. Did you surf or anything? LAUREN No. I remember this one time I rented one of those paddle boats with my best friend. It was fun rowing out there in the bay, but then we had to row back and we're like 'we are NEVER doing this again'. KYLE I always had a fetish for digging the biggest hole possible. When I was with friends we'd all dig til it was ten feet deep or something. LAUREN I could never dig for that long! KYLE I've always wanted to take a sail boat out on the ocean. It just seems like it would be so peaceful. LAUREN Yeah, I had an uncle who had a speed boat. I've never liked boats, which is weird. He drove the boat so fast, I've almost never felt more alive. KYLE How fast? LAUREN Oh I don't know, but he was drinking beer. I mean I was kind of scared that we'd crash or something, but it was so fast I hung on the rail for fear I'd fly out of the boat. Kyle leans over and kisses her. Lauren accepts it and then they both jump into the beach song. A lot of cheesy beach memorabilia pops up out of nowhere: a beach ball that goes flying in the background here and there throughout the song. They dance by the ocean. Lauren with sunglasses leans on a big beach towel on her side during part of the song (a solo if there is). INT. MALIBU RECORD STORE (by Banana Republic) Lauren and Kyle are browsing through the French records. LAUREN Hmm, too bad I'm not an heiress. These are great records, but the price... KYLE We'll get them someday. EXT. RECORD STORE Kyle and Lauren walk around the shops a little bit.
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