KYLE & ROXANNA GARAGE SALE PRESTON STURGES ELEMENT LIBERATION from Starbucks society own interpretation of crappy job walking down street Landmarks - street that Charlie Chaplin walked down - hotel (link) Cole's 118 E. 6th St., L.A. LA's oldest restaurant Kodak Theater - HWD Blvd. music style = Phil Spector would like to improvise but amateurs don't have that talent. first and second takes funny/"tony Randall role" light hearted/more dramatic here in there ticket to fame ADR-will have script running through street Roxanna smokes pot. but does ramona 78 mins./ 51 pages left!/80 pages!! Not solid Guy & girl Lennonist/Marxist screwball comedy scene that ties together Modern Times with sound & songs Recasting (female) not J. C. Superstar Hot record store girl mysterious cool music Shares same interests story = excuse to film running down streets in L.A. JUNE 2 mos. Vinyl scene where they fall in love traipse thru la GOLDEN AGE Shot from gutter not ironic or postmodern STORY Introduce dissatisfaction. You don't even quit formally. work series of crappy jobs one day walking sees hot record store girl help customers be rt back, well I can't talk right now. Garage sale - she's selling records clothes moving to L.A. don't wanna be in San Diego anymore selling all my stuff he walks startbucks/target are where childhood places are. he's going to l.a too. i'm taking you - montage (not) falling in love - head up to LA - adv. in L.A. come back to S.D. at end 3 days from anywhere....anywhere with you/don't homogenize learning doesn't matter at end/they can go anywhere now. 1. stuck in L.A. 2. off to la. 3. here in l.a. 4. back in S.D. 5. 3 days from anywhere Me: list of movies to watch LADY EVE NOTHING SACRED ---------------------------------------- Rear-projection just write stuff to add not mess stuff up. kyle drives roxanna to the beach unsuspectingly ---- Montage List & Location List _x__ wrote tie-in scene _x__ Couch-lamp 30s new montage or old montage in san diego _x__ Write in Kodak Theater! ___ Do something w/sweatsuit ___ Did Kyle live iN Toluca Lake With the line "So how long do you think it will take to get there?" "Oh, 'bout three days!" ----------------------------------------------------
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